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Rode again today.48degress when we left

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54 degrees on the way home. Got to be really careful.Tire`s can`t warm up to stick. Could be worse for the 5th of December in Missouri. Bought a used Brocks A2 slip-on for the h2 that was mint.Waiting for Brocks full systems to be available again. The stock muffler is stupid heavy.The slip -on is 3.75 pounds.
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I know this is gonna come as a shock but you can turn all the electronics off except ABS.With all this power on tap you gotta trim the power delivery when needed.The h2 can be put into RAIN mode at any time riding by pushing the UP button for around 2 seconds.In this mode it only has a little bit of power and all electronics work together to get you home without crashing.You could be going around a turn in 1st gear, rev the engine,dump the clutch and the engine will just studder and not spin the tire.
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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