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Rode again today.48degress when we left

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54 degrees on the way home. Got to be really careful.Tire`s can`t warm up to stick. Could be worse for the 5th of December in Missouri. Bought a used Brocks A2 slip-on for the h2 that was mint.Waiting for Brocks full systems to be available again. The stock muffler is stupid heavy.The slip -on is 3.75 pounds.
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I rode too yesterday. Not the 12, but my latest fun hot rod.
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They are a blast! I need to clean the carbs on my '89 and start riding it again!
I got a hell of a deal on this one. It has just over 20K miles and to the best of my knowledge and inspection, it has never been down. It is a 1996, the year they went all black, and I have drooled over a 1996 since they were new. In fact, I am sure I have a dealer brochure from then. This one popped up on a local classifieds website for an already pretty low price. It was listed on there for about a month before I sent a low ball offer, and they countered with an offer of $200 more than my offer. I had the cash so I went for it. Picking it up, it came with a Corbin seat, the factory mufflers and a factory service manual. It also came with a sissy bar, which has been replaced and is currently up for sale along with the Corbin seat. If those 2 get close to what I think they are worth, I will have about $1500 in it when it is said and done.

Gonna ride it and enjoy it for a while. They are a fricking blast to ride, that's for sure.
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