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So I took it back. The mechanic tried every test and all within parameters. Didn't do compression test cos he couldn't get in at it apparently. Then he said while working on it he seen green coolant in cylinders 1 and 2. Concerned I popped down unannounced, to see it myself. there was nowt there and he says it had cleared itself.?
After scratching his head/arse for another week, he reluctantly changed the plugs ( quite tricky I've heard) this didn't cure it. I turned up again to see black iridium plugs. Although last time it was serviced was, a main Kawasaki dealer and I don't think the recommended plugs are iridium.?
So I got it out of there. As you might have guessed I've very limited mechanical knowledge, but without sounding like too much of a dick this must be some kind of electrical problem, with it doing its ignition clunking, like a chain snatching sound from front of engine.

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Didn't do compression test cos he couldn't get in at it apparently.

He was tool less, not well drawer'd, lack of a homemade reach down, not snap-on ready: to demand a professional's labor price hanging on the wall? :thumbdown:

You were so close to see if it was worth fixing. That's one tool down. Where was the other tool to pressurize the coolant system? Why did he not remove the radiator cap, notice if the coolant was at the top of the neck or you can see zero coolant, but fins exposed?

One cylinder is firing, the other is not = Chain snatch, or loss of that next pound to keep the chain tight. So it more steam cleans two cylinder chambers. If there is a leak at the head gasket, it is most likely at the narrowest part. That flame front or the heat, is eating at that narrow part and it steps over to the other cylinder.

See your 1-2 cylinders :headscratch: Put the 2 and 2 together. That's a big job and not something you want to attempt first time.

Here's the phone call:

Ste: Hello, I think I have a coolant leak.
Mech: Well, that bike and year, I may have issues finding parts?

Ste: That's not my concern. I'm looking for a competent mechanic.
Mech: Come down, check my tools, I can check your compression and coolant pressure for that particular bike.

Ste: You may have the tools, but how will you prepare the head/cylinders?
Mech: I work fast so I'm going to buff any sticking of gasket material. That grinder is going to make quick work of showing metal. That's when I stop making so many waves on that once [flat] machined surface. She'll leak soon enough down the road after I'm done with that prep. Why?

Ste: Click!!
Mech: Hello?

Ste: Yes, I was wondering about this being my 35th call for a mechanic and how will you prep my head and cylinder so it won't leak?
Mech: Besides all the tools to do the job, I'm going to check compression before tear down. Upon assembly, I'm going to see if those new rings freshened your bike up with more compression. And no bottle brush to move material off and make things wider and out of spec? No, all we chase is ring end gap only. So if we gain, you were so close to being out of spec, it was your call I point out all the clearances to you.

Ste: Yes, but what about my new head gasket? Isn't that all about sealing also?
Mech: Yes, and that is why you look for someone that will not take the machined finish off the 4 contact points, are the barrel's bottom and top, the case, and the head. I see a wave pattern someone brings out a grinder so they make money 'flat rate' style, we throw the bums out, they open their own shops. Why, did you call the Hubbeer?

Ste: Why, yes I did actually is why I keep finding 'those kind of me can nicks.
Mech: Well then, you came to the right place.

Ste: How much?
Mech: Bend over... Farther... More... You see all that labor time to do it right? See the size of that tool box? To check your bike, I'm still paying off those tools to measure and pressure your bike, remember.

Ste: I guess I better pay for a pro.
Mech: You called, pal.
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