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i have mine wired and ready to test, just having an issue with my data logger that i want to fix before i try the nitrous
since the 12 has a wierd gps sensor (a bunch of wires instead of 1) you will never be able to activate the nitrous in first gear with gear activation. but i doubt you would ever want both stages on in first anyway. the gps is funny as when the bike is in a gear, the respective wire has no current, but the rest have a current ranging from 0-5v. in order to get this to work you must connect to the first gear wire only. remember when its in first, theres no current, so dont worry.
I connected the 1st gear wire to an unused port on my data logger, connected to computer and fired up log works. (just a side note, my other unused ports show 0.07v to 0.08v)
1st 0.06v
2nd 2.32v
3rd 3.03v
4th 3.67v
5th 4.36v
6th 4.69v

depending on what gear i want the nitrous delayed to, i just turn the dial to the minumim activation voltage on the TPRS.
dial voltage
0 1.00v
1 1.50v
2 2.00v
3 2.25v
4 2.50v
5 2.75v
6 3.00v
7 3.25v
8 3.50v
9 3.75v
A 4.00v
B 4.25v
C 4.50v
D 4.75v
E 4.90v

turn the dial to 0-3 i have second gear activation, 4,5 third gear activation, ect ect...

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I am useing the older version of that :)
It works good but first gear NOS is really just a Gong Show LOL

I am using the TPS and RPM to trigger the NOS ......
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