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Hello, I had a small fire on the ER6N 2010. The fuel hose dropped poorly while driving and the gasoline spilled out of the exhaust. Fortunately, people with a fire extinguisher were nice people, so some insulation on the cables and some soft plastics burned.
I bought the other parts and I compiled it. Today I plugged most of the cables except injection and some sensors (damaged connectors, I have to change) and tried to plug the battery. But the display did not work at all. Only F1 is flashing, but I expected it due to unplugged cables.
Is it possible for the control unit to go through a short circuit of damaged cables? But the fuses would not have to be fed, did they?
If the unit is really dead, can it be exchanged for another without changing the key?
Is it possible to test the unit out of the bike?
The fire was only near the exhaust, so the display and the unit did not get the heat at all.

Sry for my poor english.
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