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Not many mods yet to mine but here they are so far!

-Full Akropovic Exhaust with titanium link pipe and titanium canister.
-shortened rear turn signal stalks
-DP HH+ front brake pads
-removal of trunk tray for more underseat storage
-manufacture of mount for Garmin GPS II
-lots of tires!

In the future, hopefully sooner rather than later
-Hans C/F Hugger
-graphicartmotodesign undertail if I decide I can sacrifice trunk space
-ZG DB windscreen
-brighter headlight bulbs
-Huge Industries turn signals
-K&N filters

Been very impressed with both the DP pads and the Akro. My bike dynoed stock at 158.5, I've yet to do it with the Akro, waiting for the PCIIIr and K&N's

When Life Throws You A Curve Head For The Apex And Lean!!!!</p>
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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