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Smokie Mountain's Next Weekend ?

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I'm going down to Deal's Gap and riding the dragon and other fine road's.

Is anybody able to make the trip?

If Jessie Jame's had a ZX12R I'd ride with him.

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Sorry about your dilemma Outlaw, you should have come with us, great fellas and awesome riding. I'll be sure to let know when we choose the May dates. We'll have them by December so there will be plenty of time to make arrangements. And we don't ever back out, next May will be Deals Gap V.
The weather is perfect this time of year. One thing though, cause it gets cooler at night you really have to hold off riding til about 10:30 am cause up on the foothills and of course the cherahola, there is a tremendous amount of fog. You need to wait til it burns off. We went out at 10:30 every morning and it was fine.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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