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2000 ZX9R: 9067 miles. Purplish Black Mica. Extras include: Muzzys Timing Advancer, Muzzy's Carbon Fiber Slip-on, Dynojet Jet Kit, LP Smoked Double Bubble Windscreen.

This bike had an extremely light lay down. Only damage was plastic. The part number necessary to fix this bike 100% back to normal are listed below. It has a clean title and can be ridden away. Tires are bald as hell. I have brand new set of BT010's for it at an additional charge of $150.00. Bike is in fantastic condition. Last dyno it pulled 129rwhp and 73 lbs torque.

Bike needs lower plastic and left fairing plastic. There is also a scratch in the tail section.

Here is the parts list:

55051-5038-20&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Cowling Assembly, Side, LH, P.P. Black Mica

36001-1631-20 &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp COVER-SIDE,P.P.BLACK MICA

55028-1393-3L&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Cowling, LWR, M.F.C. Gray

55028-1363-20&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Cowling, FR, P.P. Black Mica

39156-1607&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Pad, Lower Cowling, LH

39156-1608&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Pad, Lower Cowling, RH

92069-063&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Bulb, 12V 21/5W [Tail Lamp]

46075-1172-21&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp GRIP,RR,RH,F.BLACK

46075-1171-21&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp GRIP,RR,LH,F.BLACK

I got a price quote for $1144 for all those parts. Your choice to fix it or just leave it as is. Make it a track bike. I don't care. I got a really nice insurance payment on the damage and therefore am willing to let this bike go at a great price. My loss/gain is your gain! Take this screamer home for $4500.

I don't do shipping. You pay and tell me where to drop it off. Other than plastic, there isn't a damned thing wrong with this bike.

E-mail me at [email protected] or call 215-205-9893.

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