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son charged with felony burglary

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My 17 y/o has been charged with felony buglary which he has already written a statement admitting his envolvement. Now, I'm playing damage control.

I've never had to bail anyone out of jail before, but we did.

Still working on finding an attorney.
He's being charged as an adult.

...my fookin' head is spinning.
Any chance that one of you gentlemen know of a link where I can find out what the penalties are for felony burglary are in the state of texas?

I'm not sure how much the store owner says they stole, but my son tells me its more than twice as much as they actually took. Everything is with a grain of salt. I don't even have a copy of the statement he gave.
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What a ride! While reading about your ordeal w/ your boy I couldn't help but think about our soon to be 21 y/o daughter . She had a lapse in judgment several years ago that earned her a brief loss of her freedom. Luckily she was a minor and has since gotten her ish' together..for the most part.

One of her biggest lessons was realizing mom and dad are capable of delivering tough love. Best of luck to you L2M.
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