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son charged with felony burglary

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My 17 y/o has been charged with felony buglary which he has already written a statement admitting his envolvement. Now, I'm playing damage control.

I've never had to bail anyone out of jail before, but we did.

Still working on finding an attorney.
He's being charged as an adult.

...my fookin' head is spinning.
Any chance that one of you gentlemen know of a link where I can find out what the penalties are for felony burglary are in the state of texas?

I'm not sure how much the store owner says they stole, but my son tells me its more than twice as much as they actually took. Everything is with a grain of salt. I don't even have a copy of the statement he gave.
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thanks, Mike. Hopefully this morning we will have a response from the DA.
into yet another program that he didn't complete ran away, cops couldn't find him for 4 months, now he is in detention again going to another program in a week then just going to let him go.

september he will be 18, don't have to worry about this stuff after that. he wants a hard life, he can have it.

2 felonies, $5-8K worth of fines and restitution, 5 years probation, 200 hours of community service and he MUST complete his GED. He now lives with Gramma in Clarksville, TN.

my son is actually picking tabacco in Tennessee for a living....

He would have graduated last year....

Still love him and I tell him when I call.

he's sure has laid a rough foundation for the rest of his life though.
...with a heavy heart, I'm revisiting this thread...

Well, I'm done. My (now) 20 year old that i have been trying to help, provided food, shelter, and enrolled in a diploma program--all at my cost...has fucked me for the last time. He decided tonight to pack all his shit up and steal my car while I was sleeping. I will be pressing charges, the wife will have no say-so in this matter. I've been shit on for the last time.

I still Love the boy with all of my heart, but he has made his last stupid decision under our roof.

WTF! Is this the same kid that joined the service?
I won't be suprised if the police tell you its a civil matter. Has he had permission to use the car before? Good luck, and I hope you get it worked out. Maybe he will get sent to TDCJ this time.
Is this the same kid that joined the service?
No, my 19 y/o jarhead is going thru school right now in Virginia.

I won't be suprised if the police tell you its a civil matter. Has he had permission to use the car before? Good luck, and I hope you get it worked out. Maybe he will get sent to TDCJ this time.
You're absolutely right. The police acted like they didn't want to take him in, but the shift SGT gave them the green light. I pressed charges for 'unauthorized use of a motor vehicle'. I REALLY hate wasting the police departments time and resources for this kind of crap, but I really needed him removed from the house. If the charges get tossed I'm o'kay with that...I NEEDED him out of the house for awhile before I lose my mind, or put my hands on him. Out of all of my avenues, this is the only one that I could rationalize.
You know, seeing your son that you've raised from a 4 y/o being led out in cuffs is really damaging to the soul....

God bless the police out there that have to waste their time with this kind of drama, and thank you to the local PD for backing me on this.

Now I just have to see how mama is going to deal with this...

Thanks again fellas---just needed to vent some more.
Damn Jeff, sorry to hear this. Has to be breaking your heart.
Teach em a hard lesson..... Enough is enough....
Thanks fellas.
Enough is enough....
I couldn't have put it better myself. It time to man up, for both of us.

DA dropped the charges and released him within an hour. Now, there is no grey area where me and my wife stand. We're done with his antics and we're gonna let him try the world on his own.
...............we're gonna let him try the world on his own.
I totally agree, "Tough Love" is the ticket to straightening out this young man. I wish you the best and I hope when he's 40... he'll thank you for booting his ass out in the world.
i know you don't know me.....but i will tell you after living thru this with my father and step mother...you are doing the right thing.

i have 3 step brothers and all have had run ins with the law.....the first two are lost, thier mother never let them be diciplined, always bailed them out...etc.

both are well into thier 30's still in and out of jail, won't hold a job, have kids they won't take care of.

the youngest, she finally decided to get tough with after he came home from a 3 year stretch in CA prison system....and he is turning out ok. got back into school and has ashot at being a funtioning grown up....

it will be hard, especially when the anger goes away....and you will be tempted to change your mind when you see him hurting. my step brother is proof that "tough love" can work, and it may involve some nights crying by your wife(and you)....but will be well worth it.

like i said, you don't know me, but i am just trying to give some encouragement....good luck.
like i said, you don't know me, but i am just trying to give some encouragement....good luck.
Thank you for the words and insight...I never ever thought it would actually come to this, but there comes a time when, as a father, you just get tired of being shit on. I'm at that point now, and luckily so is my wife. I am still willing to pay for his schooling(if he decides to continue), and pay for his cell phone(for my wife and my piece of mind.) On the flip side though, I'm pretty sure he will be violated by his probation officer...he's got 4 more years of probation and I'm pretty sure they are done with his antics too. FYI--they actually violated him last month for not paying his fines and not having a job...nothing ever came of that though.
Just reading this, Jeff... Suxx, Dude... :thumbdown::thumbdown:

I hope your son in VA has an opportunity to talk to the son who's decided to "cross the river at it's widest point"... Maybe he can talk some sense into him...

FWIW, I agree with what you & tha wifey have decided... It reminds me that I have some housekeeping to do, also... Don't know if mine will be as dramatic, but the time is coming... :squint::squint:

Hope everything works out well for him (and everyone else)...
did the judge say why he hit your son so hard?
did the judge say why he hit your son so hard?
No. He laid it out very straight forward though. Get a GED, pay your fines and court fees, pay restitution to the victims, 200 hours community service, and you will be on probation until this is completed(5 years, or until all the above are met). Once he completed everything, he would be released from probation and the charges would be ex-sponged from his records. Almost like it never happened. Felony burglary and felony assault...I think it was fair enough.

I think the main problem was that my son never took it serious. From his point of view, I honestly think he believed that he had a 'pass' to screw off for 5 years. The probation officer was a complete joke. I've had more than a few words with them. I had to raise hell with them because they never had a problem with my son not working, paying fines, or doing community service. He was never held accountable for anything. They are just fine letting the fees ($60/month) pile up and having my son do a urinalysis every other month. His PO really got pissed when I made her look completely incompetent in front of her boss. She wasn't doing a damn thing, NOTHING. What a joke.

But, with that said, regardless of how screwed up the system is, you wont have to deal with that crap if you work hard and make an honest living....and grow up a bit.
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We'll see how his appointment with his probation officer goes on the 15th. If he doesn't get locked down, I will be buying him a bus-pass to get to school and pay for his school. I want him to succeed, but he's truely going to have to do it on his own. As for paying for his cell phone, my wife and I will sleep better knowing that we can get ahold of him. And, yes, he's still welcome in my home, but only to visit, he's still and always will be my son.

As for a place to stay, my 19 y/0(Marine) called in a favor to one of his friends....for now, he has a place to stay. He will not be coming back home though. He has already been served with a notice to vacate from his landlord---me, just so its all legal. He's getting a fat dose of reality right about now.

Thanks to everyone...this thread (the meds too :squint:)really helps me keep my head clear.
Damnit! Jeff I'm sorry you're going thru this kinda shit Bro... Not a fit welcome home for a man that has been serving his country in a HELL HOLE for the past year.. I hope the boy gets a clue and quick
Gunner, thanks. Some young men don't get it. He will come around though...just not on Cisco Lane.
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