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starter problems!!! anyone??? please read/reply!

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OK, here is the deal guys. My 01 has been doing some wierd shit with the starter. Typically, it is worse after warming up, but sometimes cold as well, I press the starter button and the starter spools for a sec, that ziiiinnnngggg. It kicks back and disengages. Sounds to me like a bad solenoid. I do have a PC111r on the bike and NO, I don't have any advance added. Now, it didn't start immediately after I added the pc but I put the pc on right after break in last October. Anyway, I took it to the dealership and wanted them to look at it under warranty a few months ago when it did it randomly, and they were like "oh, it's the Power Commander doing it, these bikes don't do that on their own." , and they refuse to even look at it unless I remove the PC and leave the bike with them for "well, it will probably be a week or so before we can look at it". What kind of BS is that?! Anyway, like I said the PC has no advance dialed in to be causing a kickback like that, hell, I have even tried dialing in a little retard, but the problem is getting worse and worse. I am about to tell the dealership to fix my F-ing 12 or I am going to call Kawasaki about this crap. I guess I was just wondering if anyone else has had this or a similar starter problem so I can be somewhat informed before I bring the wrath of God down on them, or am I just having a freak problem with my bike that no one else has heard about?????? PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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Mine has down this a couple times as well. Usually just trying a couple times and it will clear itsself and start right it. It doesn't act like its a low battery or anything. It just kind of kicks back like tooo much compression.

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