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starter problems!!! anyone??? please read/reply!

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OK, here is the deal guys. My 01 has been doing some wierd shit with the starter. Typically, it is worse after warming up, but sometimes cold as well, I press the starter button and the starter spools for a sec, that ziiiinnnngggg. It kicks back and disengages. Sounds to me like a bad solenoid. I do have a PC111r on the bike and NO, I don't have any advance added. Now, it didn't start immediately after I added the pc but I put the pc on right after break in last October. Anyway, I took it to the dealership and wanted them to look at it under warranty a few months ago when it did it randomly, and they were like "oh, it's the Power Commander doing it, these bikes don't do that on their own." , and they refuse to even look at it unless I remove the PC and leave the bike with them for "well, it will probably be a week or so before we can look at it". What kind of BS is that?! Anyway, like I said the PC has no advance dialed in to be causing a kickback like that, hell, I have even tried dialing in a little retard, but the problem is getting worse and worse. I am about to tell the dealership to fix my F-ing 12 or I am going to call Kawasaki about this crap. I guess I was just wondering if anyone else has had this or a similar starter problem so I can be somewhat informed before I bring the wrath of God down on them, or am I just having a freak problem with my bike that no one else has heard about?????? PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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This is why my friends i run a tech box.no you cant map it incredibly like the p.c111r,but my 01 starts fine and with some small mods,and some tweaking,my bike is almost as smooth as stock.The dyno i took mine too,with the tfi box on, gave me a very level 13-1 ratio.
At 9k i had just a slight lean problem.
another note for what it's worth.i talked to a young man at dyno jet a few times.he was real cool.not your usuall asshole d.j phone tech lying through his forked tongue that the 111r has no starting issues.he told me after several chats that they have had the starting issues with the 01's and the 111r,not the p.c111.if your having a 01 starter issue,i would swap the p.c111r for a p.c111 model.dyno jet say's if the motor is not built the "r" is a waste,but thats something thats outa my league,i hear some of you fellas got gains on advancing it..as for experimenting with connecting the power and ground to other sources,your wasting your time.try a p.c111.
connect the ground to battery and if it were me i would put an inline fuse in the hot side and connect it to the battery, it helped for a friend of mine who had the same starting issues,and 3 warranted returned p.c111r's.
and for all you 01 owners out there with low end issues,i can say this:i had the same frustrating problems,almost ready to sell it and buy an 02.after not giving up i decided to try a couple things.i syncronized my throttle bodies,turned my tps up a nitch from 1.085 to 1.10,and did the workman's pilot jet mod.i can say that these mods made a extremly noticable difference in drivability,smoothness on take off,and hesitation.
my bike hardly even has that idle stumble,but it is there as it is on all 12's.after breakin,and than at 5k i had my t.b's sync'd,they were all 4 way off,what a major difference in throttle response after it was done.

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