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Stepped Hindle for the 9?

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Anybody know if the stepped hindle systems are available for the 9r? How can I find out more? Hindle didn't respond to my email asking about it.

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I sent them an email asking about the stealth vs Supersport options as well as the 'stepped system' and here's the answers I got.



The terms stealth and supersport describe our mufflers. The stealth is our street version; it's smaller diameter inner core makes it quieter (2-3db's) than our supersport. The supersport's larger diameter core makes it less restrictive with exhaust flow, making it ideal for racing.

The race system for the ZX9 involves a different design than our regular system, but the R&D is not completed for this system. It will possibly involve a step elbow that exits at a lager diameter and will require a specially modified muffler to slip onto it. However, the design stage is not completed yet, and are not available from distributors. Sorry about that.

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Check www.racerdiscount.com. I too was interested, they have them in stock, $700 for low mount $710 high mount. That's with a titanium can. Hope this helps. :D
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