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I thought this may be of interest to some of you so I've posted it here, I don't actually have a z750s, but fitted one of these to my zx-12r B4.

I will be showing you one removed from a Z750s which has the choke lever, as this one is the most complex, it has pass switch, hazard button, and deselecting of running lights when Indicators or Hazards are selected.
The outer design is more or less the same on most zx6/9/12's yours may have less inside, so easier to strip.
American ones might not to have the Pass Switch and the UK ones might not have the Hazard Button this one has it all so you get to see everything.

The most common need to open one up is because the indicator switch sometimes does not work. Horn or headlight not working.

While you could sort this out on the bike, its best to remove it, and its short loom, from the bike, strip it on a towel on a table, as there are small screws, ball bearings, and springs.
Tools for the job are:-
Philips screwdriver.
Small instrument screwdriver.
Scotch bright.
Patience and time, as its not a job to rush as its easy to break stuff.
Remember to cover everything in Vaseline to keep water and corrosion out, and make the switches smooth.

This bit is just for those who might be interested in making one of these fit.

Indicator Switch.
I've removed the choke guide to give more freedom of the wires.

At this point its probably best to check the movement of the indicator switch movement arm, that its not corroded and selects from side to side and in for off position ok.

Be very careful when opening out the locking tabs when removing the switch plate, if it snaps off you've probably trashed it.
Note one tab is larger than the other. Also the on this one there are extra contacts for the Daytime running lights, Red/blue wires.

This one is very clean and didn't need doing. If you find corrosion then clean up with scotch bright.
Then check the spring plates, coat everything in Vaseline, this will stop further corrosion and ease switch movement.

Hazard Switch

If you have the Hazard Button and need to strip it be very careful when opening it up, if you break it, you've probably trashed it.
Note which way round the 3 dimpled switch plate goes in, or it probably won't work after refitting to the bike.
Take care if you open up the slider button as there are 3 springs and a small pin.
The extra wires on this one are for the day time running lights also, Blue & Red/blue.

Headlight Main and Dip Switch
Be very careful when opening this one as its easy to snap off a plastic pivot post and also the springs and ball bearings like to leap out. This one is tricky to put back together.

Horn Button
Not much to be done on these except scrap the surfaces and check for corrosion.

Pass Lightswitch
Not much to be done on these except scrap the surfaces and check for corrosion.

Now rebuild, note the Choke cable corner has a dimple and hole to line up, so make sure there aligned up, and don't forget a new small cable tie.

That's all. :D
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