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I realize this topic might set off as much discussion as the 12 vs Busa wars but I'm curious about your extended swingarm. I'm sending mine to Psychobusa aka Frank Adams for his 6" extension. He says he does around 10 set dimension extensions to every adjustable. I've got the figure at home but he did a LOT of arms last year. A very personable gentleman who took the time to answer all my questions. Options available include bracing and tank mount in the arm. I'm also going to have him paint the arm, his helmet work is flawless.

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Frank used to post on labusas regarding his custom helmet painting and there is a picture on this site of one arm he has done. www.zx-12r.org/Motorcycle_info/Information%20Pages/Extended%20ZX-12%20arms%20-%20L_A_%20Busa's.htm

His site is www.psychobusa.com/

There is also a forum on his site, again primarily Busa oriented, but the N2O/Turbo thread is very good.

This probably belongs on another thread so if you want to edit it easyrider that's okay. The N2O/Turbo thread shows a very professional wet set-up on a Busa using 2 16oz paintball CO2 cylinders. I believe I have posted somewhere about 20oz cylinders costing $19.95 on the net. Very, very adaptable for a Lawson copied dry system.

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I saw a JMC at Indy last August, beautiful. Not to many 12 owner's have posted about bracing their arm. Good choice! I'm getting mine bottom braced so I can incorporate a N2O tank in the arm.

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