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Easy..I don't have the know-how to post a t-shirt design proposal, but I think a large outline-only front shot of the 12R, whether it's the actual lines of the bike or the essence of its lines that are easily recognizable as that of the 12R, and below it the qoute, "...this way something wicked comes..." is an idea I have. Do the design/qoute in florescent green for the black shirts, or black for the white shirts....I think its very very ominous, very forboding, very sinister, a warning to others...just like the bike itself....what do the rest of you guys think?

Easy...if I can get a design to you before the package goes to the silk-screeners, I will...I just gotta find somebody here who can translate my idea onto paper...

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It sounds like an interesting idea, my only problem is that I do not have the graphic capabilities to make the high resolution images that are required.

But if you can get something put together please submit it so we can vote on it.



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