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Techlusion or illusion ?

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Send couple of Email to techlusion company. Their system are a kind of fine tuning of the existent fuel injection system. They fine tune the low mid and high range of the injection fuel air ratio.

Web site are : www.techlusion.com/zIntro.htm

Email I send :

Our product functions primarily the same as the new PCIII and the Yosh EMS
box. It adjusts pulse width signal at the injector to supplement the fuel
requirements of changing exhaust, air filters, etc. We are different in that
we don't attempt to re-write the factory's stock fuel map, which is
complicated and hit and miss. We simply fine tune the factory map by
adjusting areas of fuel adjustment, just like changing a main jet or moving
a clip on a needle in a carburetor changes a range of fuel delivery. Much
simpler, but more effective because you change what needs to be changed
nothing more or nothing less. Just alot less complication. Simple answer to
a simple question, everybody else made it unnecessarily complicated.
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Is this for real or B.S.

Thanks to all.

> Same question as before.
> What would be the comparaison you can make with box made by Yoshimura EMS
and PcIIIr. Dis the performance are comparable with the other maker ???
> Your system are just a fine tuning of the existant fuel injection system.
> Did your system make the same thing then the PcIIIr with less
sophistication, but with same adjustability to aftermarket exhaust, air
filter etc....

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It only adds fuel. Biggest problem with the 12 is too much fuel, not too little.

Techlusion does have great tech support and I think its a great idea and a great product...but it does not work well for the ZX12R if the bike is modified. I was a lab rat and I did purchase one and tried it out. The product does exactly what they say it does and is very easy to adjust, but as I said before, it does not subtract fuel. Now everyone's setup is different and most pipes require different maps, but there are a couple of universal truths about this bike.

#1 - A stock ZX12r runs a little lean up to about 5500 RPMs and then runs a little rich from there to redline. For a stock ZX12r, the TFI will work well to richen up the mixture down low. Only problem is, you won't notice anything. Yea, the stock bike runs a little lean down low but that is what it is supposed to do. There are no drivibility problems to speak of with the stock bike and so what's the point in doing anything to the fuel mixture? I could think of a lot of things to do to a stock bike to improve it other than starting with the fuel mixture...in other words, wait until you start modifying the exhaust before you start tinkering with the fuel.

#2 - Once you start modifying the exhaust, you will be running very rich in some spots. There might be a small spot that will be lean but almost everywhere else it will be running MUCH richer. Its opposite of what most people think because it is FI and not a carb, but modifying the exhaust will cause you bike to run richer. THIS IS AN UNDISPUTIBLE FACT. So what's the point in having a product that only adds fuel to a bike that is already running much to rich in most areas?

I've posted my results and experiences with the Techlusoin TFI before and all of it was backed up with dyno runs. But I will say this for the Techlusion guys, they are very nice and they even refunded my money when I informed them that their product didn't work for me. If they ever come out with a product that offers better tunability, I will be first in line to give it a try. Good company, good people, good product...it just isn't right for the ZX12R.

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I went to the website and looked and they have changed their policy. They use to have a 90 day money back guarantee, not any more.

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