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So, during the weekend i managed to simplify the entire thing and put together an actual dash unit that does not consist of a cardboard box this time.
I just gave it a test earlier today, all the electronics required are inside the casing, all i had to do was to plug it in the dash connector 😁 its starting to take some dash-like form.

Passive circuit component Circuit component Electronic instrument Hardware programmer Audio equipment
Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Grille Bumper

The results, as you can see in the video theres not much connected other than the RPM (which is a bit jittery but its a very simple fix) and the battery voltage indicator (which reads ~1V higher than supposed -- will be fixed during the next Phase). Still nada on the Water temp / fuel level sensors. Possibly will give up on the Dash pin for the water temp and use the ECU one, fuel level is still TBD.

Next up, a lot more simplification / size reduction to be done and many of the test components will be swapped, including the screen, as you can see there is a lot of glare going on i am currently waiting on 2 screen units to arrive sometime during the first week of July that will be much brighter and sunlight-readable, and as a bonus they wont have that huge horrible black border. And of course better wiring overall, these tiny 26 AWG cables dont make the cut.

Till next time,
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