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Mark thanks for taking time to take the pics and posting them for me!

Will let everyone know the difference tomorrow..

Oh yeah I had to set a new name to post...............


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No problem Roy. 4 hous sleep was a plenty :wink: :wink:

Mark, he's shoving them on today.

Roy, try using slvr12 and use "password" , and you should be able to log on.

Then change your password. If ir does not work send Dale an e-mail
at [email protected]

This may help....

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Posted: 17 Sep 2002 21:15 Post subject: If you didn't get your original username and want it .....


Because I let people know about the new Forum before I had the bugs worked out or the domain transferred a number of people before Sept 16 ran into trouble with bogus confirmation email addresses and possibly corrupted usernames.

If you didn't get your username that was used on the old EZboard forum, email me with the following information and I will see what I can do.

- desired previous username
- desired password
- a valid email address (list your preferred one, but also list any other email addresses that you may have used for the EZboard account or any attempts on the new Forum, I need to verify that you are the original username owner. Attempting to steal someone elses username and wasting my time (which is very short lately) will not win any points.

[email protected]

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Hey Mark-PMB, Do we have to teach Roscoe how to do everydamnthing?!!
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