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The Raggedge Limit

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He flew around this corner and I sort of know the type? Usually, I fly around that same corner but guess who was there? Believe it or not, I can't tell if was the same guy? I doubt it because he's the type that likes to chase you.

I've been stopped enough to know if Officer Crumpkey is going to see it my way or he's got me dead cold where I won't argue. So as I know I shouldn't have, I back off and scrub the speed off aiming for his car. If he was going to turn around he didn't. I guess he was going on break or off work?

So this time around, I'm playing it cool around that area knowing it was close aiming for that squad car. Sure enough, here comes the guy the other way and he was cooking it some.

I had a feeling he was the guy I passed going the other way the week or so before? I keep looking in the mirror and sure enough I see the lights coming and the toot of the siren. Usually in my experience the first thing they say is, 'Have I ever chased you before?' He made no mention about me almost coming into him. I still don't know if he's the same guy, nor did I ask.

He points his finger as if saying, 'take the helmet off.' He begins to tell me about why he stopped me, and couldn't see if my headlight was on as I passed him the other way? I say, 'really?' He's now in front of the bike. I turn the key on and it lights up. He starts to give a little snicker and now he's gotta call the ball.

See, Officer Cumbkey's in a dilemma. I am within the written law. Bike has to have the light come one with key and it does. It's got a funky colored bulb and I sprayed the lens so it's not that obnoxious coming at you like a clown suit. It's a cheap 'ol converted pepboys fog light. Comes two in a package. Spare bulb wink-wink :crazyloco:

I begin to argue the point no shit. I say, you know I have video of a motor officer going down at an intersection. Some left turner blew it in front of that trained officer and that headlight did not help him officer, sir. Go look at this now. I get him to walk to the back of the bike. I have this large toy eye glued to a certain brand name guitar pick. I say, see that? That's me looking out for fenders [with the word fender] written across the pick. I'm well aware of....

... And he now interrupts me telling me about the light is not for me but for others. I said it didn't help Officer Down did it? He then points to the air fuel box, all the wires off the bike, and begin to tell him about saving fuel and taking all the crap off the bike for better fuel mileage... Wink-wink... Never mentioned about lightening the thing up to go faster... Hardee-Har-Har!

I now have him on my side sort of. He now mentions he's been riding for 15-20 years and can tell I'm a careful rider as he told me this. He sees I'm testing the bike, because he wanted to know what was going on with it? Dispatch calls as we hear it hanging off his shoulder. He tells them were we are located and that was pretty much it.

I began to tell him about fuel injection and he could tell I was credible and truthful. He was that good spotting things out. I forgot to glue on the yellow reflectors on the forks. So that was done as far as not receiving a 'fix-it' ticket for the next guy. I'm leaving the headlight alone. Besides, I told him this was not my night riding bike, only for daylight.

We shake hands and I tell him to have a 'careful day.' Then I pointed down the road a bit and said, 'I saw you cooking it around that corner.' He smiled. That's the second stop and not a thing they can do. It's so borderline, it's fun to see their expressions once the key is turned on. I should video them :rotflmao:

On a footnote:

I was running around on the bike that day. Got a phone call about a special order that needed picking up with the car. Here I'm at the counter BS'ing with the guy about fuel injection. He mentions how he thought about it some and we start in again. An African American comes in to exchange something. He's about 60'ish, puts the return down and goes looking for something else. Meanwhile, we go back into conversation about reading the AFR meter. The guy finds something, gets his receipt and all that. Just about hits the door and says, "You guys are talking about fishing, right?" We all start laughing. It was one of those days... "You had to be there."
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I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about 99.8% of the time, but I enjoyed this story none-the-less.

What he said.
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