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Friday was a fellow rider and ROT rider, John Tiggelaven's funeral in Hobart.

We met down the road then rode down to the funeral home and quickly filled the car park to over full. The service was something John would have liked and I am sure he was somewhere watching. We entered the chapel to the music of ACDC and left to "always look on the bright side" from the life of Brian.

John's family did a fantastic job with daughter Leah, who was on the back of him at the time of the accident and was pretty badly hurt refused to use her crutches to go up and put a white rose on her fathers coffin. What bought a tear to my eye was watching her sister and brother go to her assistance to get her back to her seat, again I don't think there was a dry eye in the place.

All up it was a day of many mixed emotions, from tears, to laughter, to true sadness, and admiration. I could not have been anymore proud of a group of people than I did today when I looked at the ROT who in them I saw true feeling and respect for a mate and his family.

We finished the day at our ROT social sip's where we raised a glass to our passed mate.

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