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Throttle Position and the PCIIIR-a must read!!!!

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Well, I am both pissed off at Dynojet and at myself! Dynojet for not listing in the instructions how to set/zero the throttle position, and at meself for "ASSUME"ing that if the throttle came up as "0" and "100" percent that all would be ok!

Well, guess what???

For all those owners of Power Commanders, the absolute first thing one should do before firing the bike after installing the PCIIIR is set the throttle position. Turn on the key with the serial cable pluged in, go to the utilites drop box and click on Set Throttle Postion.
With the throttle closed at what would be 1000 rpm hot idle, click the appropriate button, open the throttle against the stop and click the other button, then finish the procedure by clicking the OK button.

IF this does anything, it takes care of the idle and off idle issues!!! Bike idles like it had the stock pipe on it. Also I see the bike is fueling differently at 0,2,5% throttle as seen by the A/F ratio monitor. Damn, I am pissed.
On a better note, bike pulled SAE 172.0 hp, or STD 176.0 hp and 98.9 ft torque other day. Now will have to re-test!!!

So, if Dynojet is LISTENING, I like your product, But you instructions are lacking the most important info and I cannot imagine that it doesn't have its own page in GREAT BIG BOLD LETTERS - Before you start bike, set throttle position - and this is how you do it!!!
This is just to important.


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Adjusting your idle speed will TECHNICALLY adjust your tp settings. However, if you think about it all you are doing is moving the throttle bodies a little bit. Essentially you are cracking the throttle just a bit by turning the idle up. IF your Power Commander is adjusted properly then adjusting the idle up will not affect the performance of your bike as the Power Commander will still be adjusted for that throttle position just the same as if you cracked the throttle just a bit. There is one problem with idle adjustments.

If one person has a custom map built and his tp is out of adjustment then his map will NOT act properly on other bikes.

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