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timing chain making noise....help?

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Hi guys... i finished my motor swap project... it runs!!!! Well!!!! However the new engine has 35xxx miles... and has a slightly ticky timing chain, clean on accel... but idling and when decelling... for this reason i was assuming it wasnt the valves...

The one that came out... with a blown cylinder had only 20xxx....

So the question is... can i just get a manual cam chain tensioner? Retension the stock one?
Or should i just go and do a whole new chain... pulling the motor again would suck but its easy enough..

Also- if i pull out the chain from the 20xxx blown engine and it doesnt look ruined from the metal everywhere else in engine... can i slap that in? Would probably be best to just get a new one... ?

Also if it helps i can video the noise

Thanks in advance for any help or advice given...

I will eventually do a whole write up on the engine swap....
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Yes it's something I do every time I check the shims. Bits of dirt in the oil can stop them self adjusting, a good working with plenty of fresh engine oil by hand often brings them back to life.
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