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The guy(Bill), has only been riding for two seasons now and wanted to go for a ride yesterday. I set some rules for him and said we would not be going balls to the walls on this ride. At first he asked why but after telling him he needs to get some road smarts in and to really learn how to handle a motorcycle, then he agreed to said rules.
Rule#1...Wear the gear
Rule #2....don't act up when we go through town. Make em all think sport bike riders are responsable.
Rule#3.... do not ride out of your "envelope".
Rule#4....pay attention to my hand signals and ask, if your not sure what they are.
Rule#5....No passing in corners

So with that said....off we go. I took him straight to a side road that is traveled very light with traffic. Quite curvy but dangerous as the occasional truck brings gravel up from the sides of the road on the corners.
This road is a 6 mile small version of the gap, so I was having fun setting a moderate pace. After a few turns I lost the fact that I was pace setter and sped off. I put some distance on him when I suddenly realized I kicked it up a notch or two and should slow down. Gravel was present everywhere in the center lanes. Line changes mid corner was not an option and I suddenly had an immage of a crash behind me.
Soon after Bill catching up, we came upon a women walking on the sde of the road facing us. She is geasturing for me to slow down. I am going 5 over the posted and didn't see the need to slow any more. When I go buy she is yelling to slow the hell down. Now this sets me the BAM hell off. I respect but this was a bit much so down a gear I go and quickly change from 40 mph to 110 before setting up for a good right hand switch back to left into a bowl and back out right. It's posted 15 mph. The mighty 12 reduced speed with ease and held a tight quick line. Even switching back felt like a well tuned super bike. Not even a twitch except for the rear tiring spinning up coming out of the bowl.
I had put some distance on Bill and a mile later was at an intersection. After stopping and waiting bit he pulls up and says man...I almost lost it in the last corner. The bike suddenly moved and shook. I said oh...you found the gravel. He said he never saw any. Gulp!!!! Lesson of the ride #1... teach Bill to look at road conditions and adjust oppropriately.
Lesson of the ride #2...Holding a particular line
Anyways...off we go again and we have a good moderately paced ride for the next 50 miles. I decided I needed to get back to the wife figure, as I was gone for 1/2 hour more than my allowed time(non married men will not understand<img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/laugh.gif ALT=":lol"> ).
I took a section of interstate to help shorten the return trip. I held the 02 PMB to 85mph and notcied Bill was looking bored behind me. Traffic was quite low so when Bill pulled along side of me I figure if he wants to go then go. I motioned him to go ahead and he shifts down and nails the throttle. I nailed it in 2nd gear to keep him in the other lane when suddenly the wheel lofts high in the air. I set it back down after a lengthy stay till 125 or so and motored away. A car was ahead so I slowed and Bill caught up. We pass and then another long straight appears, car free. Bill motions a 2nd gear start...I am thinking, why?? it's not fair....but hey, if he wants to see the beast, the king of speed, ZX12R perform them he will. Before I could give him the sign he nails it. I said ok...have a head start. I let him get quite a bit ahead and then matained his rate of climbing speed. Just when I was bringing the rpms up in 3rd, I twisted the grip. Just hit 4th and went buy like he was not even on the throttle.
Racing over and normal speed returned, we make it back to my home . We talk for a while and he asks many questions. One puzzling question was he wanted to now how he could ride really fast? He wanted to know if getting a bigger bike would help. Hmmmmm...what do you supose I said??? Get more than 1700 miles on your belt before jumping to higher hp. If you want to go faster, take some racing schools, get some road time under your belt and learn all the things that make street riding dangerous at times. Learn how to avoid said situations.
Soon, the wife glares out the window and motions to her watch and the time. Guess I needed to go grocery shopping now, and that cocluded my motorcycle riding for the day...

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Heres a good one...I just got off the phone with my dealer(jerremy) who wants to hook up for the next Hawk Racing school coming up in october at Loudon. Wanted to finalize some plans and mentioned to me that an 18 year old kid just came in to the dealership yesterday and rode off on a new Blue Busa. the F$#%&* up part was the guy only has a learners permit and has just a little bit of dirt bike experience. the funny part is...there is a money pool for $5.00 that Jerremy wants me to get in on. Name the day we think this guy will be the bike in busted up. So far there is 15 guys in the pool. I picked Tuesday this coming. Dealer is not open Monday and Sunday is usualy ride day and today is a chance of showers. Rain+ new rider+ Hayabusa= CRASH!!

To think I started on a CB 350.....

Not just a BAM traitor
but a BAM good one.....</p>

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When I took my MSF class a guy was in there who just gotten a Busa. It was in Early March in Michigan and had just snowed. He was saying that one of the Canadian dealers had dropped it off in his back yard while he was at work and when he got home he just had to take it around the block. Did I mention Snow? His dumb ass said he rode a 4 wheeler before and thats why he was "READY" for the Busa <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/laugh.gif ALT=":lol"> . He got about ten feet from his driveway and hit some slush and lost it.. Only about 500 in plastics but I guess idiots are born everyday. I wonder where is he now???

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Ynot...probably has been learning the,um, hard way. <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/laugh.gif ALT=":lol">


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hey, at least the guy found something the Busa good for - you can wreck those things 100 times and they dont look any worse then when brand new<img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/wink.gif ALT=";)">

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