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tragic first post

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Hi guys. Have enjoyed the site but never posted. I have a red 2002 12R with about 1700 miles or used to until last Friday when I wiped out during a track day at Portland's PIR. Came out of turn 9 onto the straight with a perfect line and put the power on hard only to be violently dumped as the rear wheel slid out. The instructor said it was too much power for the stock tires. I got up and walked away with only bruises but wife is freaking out and wants me to sell the bike. The front end plastic is messed up and the front brake resevoir is leaking but otherwise the bike is damage free. Before getting ripped off by a dealer for repair costs I thought I'd check if anyone is looking for a cosmetically damaged 12 for major mods. I guess I'd be happy selling the bike as is for about $4.5K or so. Also I have a bike trailer so could deliver on the west coast.

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Do what you have to do but I would keep it and fix er back up. The zx 12 is too fun of a bike to let go because of some road rash. I sold my 85 600r in 93 and just picked up an 05 12r last month. Since then I have munched a turn signal and dropped it leaving work. A little welding on the footpeg bracket and I was back in business. I also took the opportunity to put on a yosh slip on. This bike does not compare to a 600 in any way at all. The 600 was fun but the 12r is the real deal. Just my .02$. Do whatever cranks your tractor or twists your wrist or some shit like that.
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