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Some say that the zx12 is not that suited for a turbo.
Is this true and why?And is there any good kits for the 12?

I feel that 400hpisch kits is too much for me but is there any smaller turbokits aming for say 250-300hp?
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this topic has been beat nearly to death. your best bet is to do a search of the forum for turbo related posts. im sure everyone doesn't want to go through all this again. the general opinion is: small power up to 250 or so, you're much better off going with nitrous.
Got lots of money?
Got lots of time?
Expert fabricator/ welder?
Expert with electronics?
Lots of experience with a zx12
that's what I think it would take
but Im probably wrong
better go with Les on this
Thanx for the answer.

I guess its what I hear elsewhere too.

thanx again
im sure mr turbo could get you a street kit, but it will be pricey
heres a link not sure but if i remember right i think they claimed 305hp when done EFR Enterprises -- Turbo-Charged ZX12 Kawasaki
turbo12 should comment here, as he rode one for quite a while...
Guy on fleabay selling some bits after he added a "turbo" to his 12 I have asked him to pop on here and tell us all about it, hopefully he will :).
Thanx guys!

It would be really cool to hear some info from one who went turbo on the 12.:crazyloco:
Call Chris Jones 352-490-8068 @ Jones Performance in Florida. He is the # 1 turbo builder for the 14 by far and has built some 12's. Look at AMA/Prostar for his results!
having had a turbo zx12r built by muzzy, i can tell you the end product is an amazing amount of fun. out on the open road, or on certain tracks, there is not much that can touch it, or come close to the rush of the acceleration. if you have the time and money (lots of money), i say give it a go.

on my bike, the abbreviated list of modifications were:
- pistons
- crank
- fuel pump
- ecu and boost controller
- turbo and remote wastegate
- transmission
- valve springs
- cam timing adjustment kit
- fuel injectors
- sealed airbox
- etc
- etc
- etc

once you start bolting on HP, you start finding the weak parts in the bike. as previously mentioned, this is covered repeatedly on this site, just run a quick search. i recommend doing all the research necessary and building it right the first time. if you are not skilled enough, find a reputable builder who has done it before. either way, it isn't cheap.

good luck and post pics :thumbup:
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What ever happened to the bike in Alberta?
What ever happened to the bike in Alberta?
if you are referring to skinart, he moved back to australia. his turbo project is shelved as of the last time i talked to him.
Too bad as this looked like it was going to be a good bike. Anyone spoken with him recently? Contact?
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