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Two Brothers Can & Catalytic Converter Removal

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I'm still up in the air about whether to install a TBR Can on my stock header or to go with an Akropovic full system.

If I should go with the TBR option, then I have the following questions:

1. First, I want to positively identify the catalytic converter. There are instructions on the TBR site that has pictures of what I assume is the Cat. Converter (although they don't expressly refer to it as such - ie. "The tubing that you will remove is part of the OEM design that allows the bike to meet production sound standards. It is not a performance enhancing device!"). The pictures that follow are the before and after shots of their instructions to remove all of the "tubing" except the last 1/2".

2. I've been told that removing the Cat. Converter is a necessity when installing the TBR Can. Are we talking about removing the internal mess of the C.C., or is the requirement to shorten the length of it to 1/2" as shown in the TBR instructions? Just curious... It seems to me that if you are going to shorten the length of the C.C. to 1/2" you might as well go ahead and remove the internal mess of the C.C. as well.

3. I've reviewed the procedure on the zx-12r forum for removing the Cat. Converter (it has a picture of the Cat. Converter removed). Question: Would you remove the C.C. before or after making the cut as instructed on the TBR site?

I wonder why TBR didn't instruct you to remove it (internal mess), after all they've already told you to cut off most of it's length - legal issues?

3. Does anybody have another/better/easier technique for removing the Cat. Converter than the one on the zx-12r forum? Not that the technique on the forum looks that bad, I'm just interested if anybody has come up with a more slick way of going about it.

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If you are going to putting on ANY kind of can, you should be removing the CAT. If you are going to run a CF can, you better remove the cat or else you aren't going to have a CF can for very long.

If you are going to remove the CAT, and don't want backfiring, you will be removing the Kleen Air.

To optimize your new exhaust, you're going to want to run a PC3R or Yosh and MAP it out.

Now, after all this, your can is not going to give you anywhere near Akra level performance. So eventually, you're gonna want the Akra.

You're going to eventually sell the can on Ebay, and take at least a $200 dollar hit. Then buy the Akra anyway.

So by buying the can first, it cost you about $200 more and about 6 hours wrench time to get the Akra, which is what you should have done in the first place.

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As a general rule, the Kleen Air is going to cause backfiring with any pipe that increases the exhaust flow.

I believe the stock can actually has some built in back pressure so that the cat can fully burn everything up.

Keep in mind that while not awful, the stock header is a typical stock header. There is lots of welding flash and fitting overruns to decrease the efficiency compared to a really well made header like the Akra.

I've personally inspected both, and after looking inside the stock header it was an easy decision that the whole thing was coming off.

You drive one of the highest performance engines available in any stock motorcycle. It really takes alot to knock the motor up to the next plateau. Thats what the Akra/Kleen Air removal/K&N and PC3R, Header Wrap like I have does for you.

You think the bike is fast stock, it's night and day with the above mods installed.

For the record, mine has never once hiccuped or had any kind of failure.

"Remember Folks --- Stop Lights Timed For 35mph Are Also Timed For 70mph." </p>
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My stock blinkers are fine (I don't like the way the look, but they haven't had any heat problems) Tenn12, with about 2k on the system. I haven't had any melting problems whatsoever. What have you experienced?

"Remember Folks --- Stop Lights Timed For 35mph Are Also Timed For 70mph." </p>
That sort of surprises me, on the backfiring thing. I was under the impression that pretty much all the aftermarket cans were backfiring under high speed deceleration or shifting.

I know I've heard it, but only from full exhausts so perhaps I'm wrong.

- Blitz

"Remember Folks --- Stop Lights Timed For 35mph Are Also Timed For 70mph." </p>
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