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Una problema - Bike runs great – Idles lousy

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So this is my dilemma: I have Quill slip-on pipe and a DynoJet Stage One Kit with a BMC air filter. The bike runs great at all rpms’ and I’m happy with the throttle response, etc. But when I go to adjust the idle and synch the carbs, the used-to-be-before-mods smooth idle drops like a rock. Its fine right up until I get the mercury in the gauges’ tubes all lined up and then the idle fluctuates constantly between 1100 and say 1250, and feels real rough. Sounds like it’s ready to die but doesn’t. Anybody else’s Niner do this? Any suggestions on how to smooth out the idle?

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My first post here and I wind up answering a question....... Oh well. :lol:

I'd start by making sure your carbs are seated fully into the rubber joiners and that they weren't damaged or distored by the guy that did the carb work. Fluctuating idle speeds are often a sign of an air leak. Check the tubes of your manometer gauges for a pinhole or other leak also. You might be adding one where there wasn't any before. I hope I don't need to say that the tubes need to be a good fit over the vacumn nipples......... After all that if it's still not right then I'd say that your idle pilot screws are badly set. A fluctuating idle says lean to me but badly rich ones can cause the same sort of thing.

Hope that helps or at least gets you looking in the right area.
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