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Hi guys!

I can actually remember that at some point in 1999, here in the United States, not sure if it was Cycle Trends, or what the magazine was, but on the front cover was a 'Red' 2000 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R that was dubbed, 'The Busa Killa'. I swore that one day I would get one of them, and this was in 1999 that I'd seen it and fell in love with it. I didn't swear that the 2000 would be the first 12R that I'd get because for a shot while I had a beautiful Kawasaki Lime Green '03 ZX-12R with matching colored wheels that I loved......but I unfortunately had to get rid of it......but still, I vowed to one day get the 2000 A1.

That day came, and I now have one. It is basically STOCK with the exception of the muffler isn't the monster that was on my '03, which I'll post. I KNOW there's some real Bosses on this site, who can think of and do extraordinary things with them. I know there's these Litre bikes that're sometimes up to 150 pounds lighter than this beast.......but I've sen so many different mods and pictures on this site, along with video after video on YouTube, but most of these that I come upon are not boss riders- which is what it comes down to in the end because I (and most of you all.....actually, probably ALL of you if you're still here while still being here riding your rocket) could hop on a 636 and beat someone on an R1 that person isn't a serious rider.........BUT, I will admit that the only thing I really know how to do is ride. That's it!

I do NOT know what kinds of mods need to be done as I've always just looked at pictures with admiration. Same with the videos.

I would sincerely appreciate help with my objective here, which is use up the $5,500 of shop credit from a shop that has 'Custom' in the name. The owner is truly a genius and can do pretty much anything, as well as many of his employees, but dependent on the customization needed to be done, he will hop on it an make it happen if it's beyond the capabilities of any of his employees, especially when it comes to ensuring that when it leaves his shop, it is up to or beyond what he could and/or would do to it if he was on it.

Right off the bat, I'll explain what needs to be done as it is now.

Procedure (1) - Needs new Fork/Dust Seals as hydraulic fluid is leaking from the front forks. (Cost of parts for someone like me, at Retail, is about $30. Maybe it's cheaper for him, but I don't know, but regardless it's minimal anyways. The time spent on it- at $80/hr., along with the set, would need to be deducted.

So we started at $5,500 and the cost of that process there has brought it down to $,**

Procedure (2) - Needs a new Clutch Comp Release (basically the L-Shaped like arm that the long arm part goes into the Clutch Basket, then the Clutch cable connects to the top part, to pull it for switching the gears because my bike was in need of a new cable sometime soon, and figured I'd replace the tension spring on the Clutch Comp Release Arm at the same time, but stupid me, I'd pulled the arm out to just take a look at it since I was right there......and I'd forgot to put the Needle Bearing back on, so when I put it back in, an took a little nip out of the bottom of the arm, by the opening that catches, and it only took out a chip about the size of a ball point pen head- but that's all it takes to create a miss/skip, then become bigger, with the broken piece potentially flying around in the clutch basket causing some kind of damage, so figure that needs to now be replaced as well- the Clutch Comp Release, Part # 13103-1140. For me, Retail cost would be about $55, and who knows, maybe he'll get a couple dollar break, but now we're looking at the time for that procedure - including connecting the new clutch cable that I gave him for it, but again, we're looking at $80/hr. Now even though I messed that up by leaving out the Needle Bearing, that's definitely not a procedure or something that'd take more time for the Fork Seal/ust Seal for the Front Forks, but still, that now needs to be deducted.

So now, after the Front Fork Seal Procedure, at $80/hr, which left the available balance of $,***, we're now at this much left after this 2nd Procedure: $,**

Procedure (3) - I would like it stretched, but not ridiculously stretched. He says he can make it any size I want, but you guys are the smart ones who're specifically in-tune with the Boss of ALL Bosses, in my opinion (of course dependent on the rider).

So, you guys, the experts here, probably have a realistic idea of the time involved here, and at $80/hr., we'd be down to a remaining balance of $,** to use up

Me, I am 6', and as of now I'm 200 pounds, but the once I get my only wheels back, I'll get back to my 220 pounds because I haven't been able to get out and go to the gym, and I'm just not a calisthenics person who loves doing any fitness stuff at home because there's always something else to do that's more important it seems.

Procedure (4) - I do want it lowered about 6" or so, which this is potentially something done at the same time of stretching it/adding the swing arm, I don't know- I'm just trying to ensure I can have the ability to stay grounded as much as possible.

I think that procedure could and would be done at the same time as adding the swing arm/stretching it, but I honestly don't know. I don't know what probably 99.4% of all of you on here know- just being honest as I'm not trying to portray myself as something or someone I'm not.

So, maybe now we're down to $,***

Oh, VERY IMPORTANT. I'd recently had a 205 put on the back, but then I'm at a Quaker Steak-N-Lube Bike Show which happens every week, several times a week in fact, and I never see any 12's, but I did come across a Blackbird, was talking to him and he'd said I'd actually have better handling with a 195 back on it........would really love to know your expert thoughts here.

Procedure (5) - When I did end up getting the 205 put on the back - and it's called a Continental.....not really sure if that's good or not, but I don't know if it'd happened at the time of the new install, which I don't really think it was cause I'm sure I would've noticed at the time, but I think it was during a tow home (due to a bad stator that I'd replaced when I got home), but regardless where it happened, the back rim is a little bent now. Yes, it's a Custom shop, but when talking in the realm of physics, let's say I'm going over the bridge at 190mph, a customized shop or not, should I have a new rim/wheel (maybe even tire, 195?) put on instead of him bending the rim/wheel back out?

So now with whatever procedure that was, I'm down to a balance of $,*** to be used up.

I do not like the muffler on my bike, and I don't know if I should have him put on a Two Brothers Exhaust, a Yoshi, or what. I just don't like the one I have I know that. I also do not like the little short ones, like a Voodoo that I'm looking at right now. I just think it looks ugly, and I want my bike BEAUTIFUL!!

Honestly, on the green '03, I had the Stock Big Monster Canister one, and I did LOVE how it sounded, but I'm sure it had some weight to it........and it's a monster anyways which I'm sure many will agree with.

So, now down to a balance of of $,**

One thing I didn't mention, well I'd forgot to mention, is that it has 27,000 miles on it. Is there something that you experts would make sure is done at this time (valve adjustments, new this or that, etc?)?

If so, I'd now be down to a balance of $,**

I have purchased all Brand New Gloss Black Fairings, along with Brand New Black Fairings Bolt Kit, which will be needed to be put on.

Now, with the time of that- maybe an hour, I don't know, maybe I'm down to a balance of $,**

I don't like the grips that I have on my bike.

I also don't like the Clutch and Brake Levers.

The wheels/rims are chrome, which I'd forgot to mention but you'd most likely see before even reading this, but yes, they are flaking, peeling, and I want them black anyways. I don't know if this is something that would be dipped, or the buyinb of new wheels/rims but I absolutely want the bike in COMPLETE STEALTH MODE.

I so very much Pray that people do in fact HELP me here. I no longer have nothing in life, except for my bike that I miss so very much as it hasn't been here because I need to tell him what I want done with the $5,500 of in-house credit that I have with him, again at $80/hr.. It's the ONLY thing I have, yearn for, and the ONLY thing that factually truly makes me HAPPY.

Plus, I want to KNOW that I have the BOSS Bike right under me no matter what I pull up to. I know it also comes down to the ability of the rider, and although I don't know all the specs of everything- I am sincerely a natural in riding, and of course I know there so many here that'd show me up in a second, but still........and oh boy, I know so many us here in the United States wish we had an Autobahn.......but unfortunately we don't have one here.......but sometimes I tend to find something similar........like all of us on our 12's surely do, showing the ones on these new bikes who's BOSS, which is TRULY the GREATEST Feeling EVER!!

Thank you so much ahead of time, and I say that because I don't understand it, but those of us on our ZX-12R's for some reason I've noticed have, in general, different personalities than those with the - in my opinion, the ugly Busas, and even ones with the, again in my opinion, ugly 14's.

Anyways, I know there are some serious experts here, and I PRAY to GOD that someone helps me, and enables me to bring him a list and say, "Ok, here's what I want done", so the ball can get rolling and the countdown till I get it my bike (in fact my only vehicle because times are so hard now), to where I'll finally be able to have the HAPPINESS back because we all know, just a simple ride relieves so much! At least it does for me.

Thank you all for your time. Seriously, thank you because this is sorta like an Einstein Math Project........or maybe like a Fantasy Football Type thing, even though I've never done or played that, but understand the concept - which I believe is similar.

*Attached Photos are of the Lime Green 2003 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R (B2, maybe?) with matching wheels/rims that I unfortunately had to get rid of.......I LOVED that bike! Even though it had the big Canister Muffler/Exhaust on it, I LOVED it, but sometimes we have no choice in things like this.

But now even though I don't have that beautiful Kawasaki Lime Green '03 that in 3trd Gear had an UNBELIEVABLE POWER THRUST, I've now got the A1/Unrestricted Model, that I hope becomes a Black Stealth Rocket!

Thank you!!

2003 Kawasaki ZX-12R
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My mistake it's a 200/50ZR17, BUT, there was previously a 195 on it (versus the 200).
I think what you meant was a 190. The 190 as mentioned throughout the forums will give you better turn in in addition to being more affordable and lighter. I personally still run the 200 as I like the heat disipation for high speed runs as well as load capacity for when I tour with the bike. I did upgrade it to a 200/55 to get better handling but it will not snap over as well as a 190 will. You have to decide what you want based on how you plan on using the bike.
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