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Hello everybody.

Few months ago I have bought 2005 VN800 and that makes me third owner of the same motorcycle. Previous owner claims that he has only made this modifications to him:
-K&N air filter
-Dyno jet set
-open exhaust sistem
-balancing valves

I have seen and read a lot of modificaitons that has been made and most of them have made the same thing except they have opened OEM air filter case (grampsizing / scooterizing) but that is not the case at my bike.

Currently fuel consumption is around 8 liters/100km (29MPG) outside the city and city driving, it goes up to 11 liters/100km (21MPG). This is was too high or something is very wrong with the engine.

Is it possible that low air flow is the cause of bad fuel economy?

Here are the pictures of thirsty beast:


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I don't know what the norm is for that bike but that sounds way low.

Possible things to look at: Dirty air filters, overfilled with oil, dirty jets (it does have carbs, right?), brakes dragging, driving style too aggressive on acceleration, or perhaps it just flat doesn't like the brand/type gasoline in it.

Dirty air filters: Check and clean/replace as necessary.
Overfilled with oil: Check the sight glass to ensure it isn't overfilled. If it is then the crank may be sloshing through the liquid of the extra oil, thus robbing you of power and MPG.
Dirty jets: Check this last as it means getting into the carbs (it may even have the wrong jets).
Brakes dragging: Doubtful but see if you can determine if they are abnormally hot.
Driving Style too aggressive on acceleration: If you like to ride like a bat out of hell, ride more softly. Keep the revs low. More revs means more fuel consumption.
Doesn't like the brand/type of gas: Change stations. I was on a 300+ mile ride one day, stopped to get gas at a national brand station, and for the rest of that tank , with nothing else changing, my MPG dropped by a good 5 to 8 MPG. The next tank at a different station and it was back up to normal.

Just for giggles, go get a can of SeaFoam and add it to your tank. Follow the instructions on the can for how much to use. For the next few fill-ups use that stuff.
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