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Hello All
I own a 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 2000 Lt. I came across the postings about the valve train issue (Severe knock in the upper heads).
I have 3100 miles on my bike that I bought in 2008, the bike started having the valve train knock after serviicing on 7/2016.
My bike had only been started a few times in the last two years. There was mention of using your bike in cold regions and putting away in a cold garage caused a blocking of the bass screens with sludge.
I noticed that someone commented on using Seafoam to clean out the engine and the brass screens at the top of the valve train.
I found an obscure posting saying to use 1 cup (8oz) of Miracle Oil added to your oil change.
As a devoted user of Miracle Oil in my gas for winter storage, I added maybe 9oz's of miracle oil to my 20/50 Mobil1 oil change in addition to using a Wix #51358 filter (Not the XP). Also drained all gas with a Hopkins Super Siphon and filled with Sunoco 93 octane gas.
Ran the bike in idle mode for about twenty minutes (20). Started my bike the next day and took it out, was quieter, but, within twenty (20) minutes of driving the valve train was humming along beautifully and didn't require Seafoam. (That would of been my next step).
My Vulcan sounds like the day it left the showroom.
Hope this helps people out there with a valve train noise.
I have the Kawasaki factory manual and it provides a weath of knowledge.
Another issue I came across was an issue with the front wheel bearings being an issue.
I found new bearings online for about $20, versus OEM for $60, took off front wheel (I can provide details about creating bolt tool) cost about $20 to have old bearings pressed out and new bearings pressed in.
Bike runs perfectly and is quiet as can be.
My dealer took my front wheel off a number of times, two year factory warranty and online purchase of the Kawasaki extended warranty for an additional four four years, but, as others have said, your SOL once the warranty has lapsed and things were not fixed properly.
Happy trails to all!I
If you would please pass along the directions for the "bolt tool". I have an 07 LT as well. Also have a shop press and a.bearing that may be questionable.

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