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Valve lifter noise solution

I have a 2005 Vulcan 2000 Limited. At about 22000 miles it developed a lifter tick that became severe within a couple hundred miles. Fortunately I had an extended warranty. Unfortunately the shop had my bike for four months and still could not get the bike to stop ticking. They flushed it with everything from ATF to diesel, changed HLA’s, push rods, etc. Kawasaki had the bike sent to another dealer who told me after 6 weeks it was fixed. When I arrived to pick it up it was ticking worse than ever. 5 weeks later I finally picked up the bike and it was quiet. That didn’t last long (about 1200 miles). By this point my warranty had finally expired and Kawasaki said I was on my own. They will not admit to having a problem with this motor.
It’s a good thing I am a mechanic because I had to take the motor out and fix this myself. What I found was the oil feed tube/shaft for the rocker arms has a brass filter at the end. These are NOT serviceable filters (4) without removing the motor! When these filters clog the HLA’s WILL LOCK UP!!!! I punched out all the brass filters, replaced all the HLA’s, and cleaned the motor thoroughly and did 4 oil changes (note: I also ran 7.5 oz. of Seafoam in the crankcase before tearing it down) It sounds like new now!
If Kawasaki felt they needed to have more filtration for the HLA’s they should have put the filters in the riser tubes so they could be serviced. The way it is designed now it is guaranteed to fail eventually. That means this whole problem is a design flaw from the factory!
I do believe this problem is worse in colder climates. The colder weather promotes condensate in the motor when you ride it and put it away hot in a cold garage. This leads to a sludge that I believe is what caused the filters to plug up. You can see this sludge on the oil cap/ dipstick. It’s much worse on the top of the valve covers. This is hard to avoid even with frequent oil changes. I change my oil every 2000 miles and always have. I have changed over to a synthetic oil now to try and eliminate this. I guess time will tell.
This should be a recall issue but I doubt Kawasaki will ever admit it. I hope this helps everyone. I know I have been struggling with this for 7 years. I should have torn it down myself long time ago but the warranty made me lazy I guess.
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