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Gunsmith64, what exactly are you referring to about the brass filters? I have the service manual but I don't see anything about them in it......I too have the tappets making a lot of noise now. In the passed, it was an indication that I was low on oil. I always carry 2-3 Qts everywhere I go.....I have 72K miles on her now, but, since about 1500 miles, she's really liked the taste of oil. So much that it would go through about a quart every 1000-1500 miles. This time, though, I'm having a problem with it not quieting down. When it's cold, you can hear a tic constantly, but, after it's warm, several of the tappets are making noise. I've done the sea foam, changed the oil three times now and nothing seems to be working at all. Are the oil feed tubes you're talking about the ones on the side of the engine opposite the push rods? Did you just remove the brass filters or replace them? Riding season is here now and I don't want to have to keep dealing with this problem.....

Thank in advance for your info....

Dave C
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