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If you would please pass along the directions for the "bolt tool". I have an 07 LT as well. Also have a shop press and a.bearing that may be questionable.

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I was going to do the bolt trick, but, found an ABN tool on Amazon for $11.99, free shipping with Prime. It has 17, 19, 22, 24 MM tool in one using a 3/8 ratchet or a box wrench. See my post below, thanks. My bikes a duplicate of yours.

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Bearing replacement (SKF), Brake Pads, Drive belt adjustment

Hi All, a few corrections please note below!!!!!
My bike has ONLY, 3,100 miles, have a front and rear wheel/brake/drive belt issues.
Since I was taking this beast apart, thought I'd do everything.

Got front and rear brake pad set off EBay for around $16 with free shipping.

Someone railed about All Balls bearings that people were raving about coming from China with questionable quality.

The Vulcan 2000 Classic Lt uses the same bearings front and back on a number of model years on the V2K. Someone on this site or another kawasaki site mentioned '6006- RS1, this information was wrong, item is 6005-2RS (found this information after crossing Kawasaki part numbers, part 601 in wheel diagrams relates to 601--6005UU) by Koyo on Bearing Basement out of the UK, with shipping was about $30, cheaper than US. prices. There's also another bearing just behind the sprocket looks like a double width bearing, but, Kawasaki doesn't list part pictures. Will provide # shortly, not paying $48

The 6005-2RS bearing designation #2 is sealed both sides, RS is about the bearing seal compound (rubber seal) and the one is deflection from Japan! SKF is cheaper from Germany. Not from China!

Amazon.com has the bearing puller set for about $33 and the bearing installer for about $25 with free Prime shipping.

Add the 4 sizes of mm tools in one (17, 19, 22, 24) for $12, to remove axles, etc., so for around $100 you can do everything including cleaning drive belt and adjusting deflection. You can also get a MM set of 3/8 allen wrench sockets at Harbor Freight for around $12 (9 pieces) with a 20% internet coupon. Tools can be used for multiple purposes so it's not a waste of money.

Another good tidbit of information NGK spark plugs at a reasonable price. The (4) spark plugs for this bike were running $50-$60. I found SixityAuto.com bought 4 plugs for the Vulcan for $31 after $5 sign up coupon and free shipping.
I'll be doing the work step by step, don't use information verbatim. I will update as I do each task.
- added Miracle oil to crankcase, stopped lifter noise. (Complete);^
- bought (4) NGK IZFR6F-11 for $31 used my
craftsman tools to install, no special tools.
- bought brake pads, doing front brakes
- will remove front wheel assembly, check bearings and replace if required with above part.
- will bleed front brakes and replace fluid as it's 8 years old (only Dot4)
- will drain and replace antifreeze. (Have drained overflow bottle and refilled before)
- will replace rear pads (replace fluid in rear brakes)
- will adjust drive belt deflection by tightening rear axle and aligning.
- will remove rear wheel if any noises or issues left (more complicated )

I can't beleive this because I had a Honda GL500 for 16 years no problems ever and a Honda Shadow Ace 750 for 7 years no problems.

I had the extended warranty on the V2K that covered six years.

Called the dealer Flamingo Sports about service and warranty. I brought it in 4 times for front wheel vibration, they told me they worked on the front brakes every time. Believe me I don't appreciate being scammed.

I figuire with everything above along with the Miracle oil trick for the valve screens and lifters it would be new again. All this on an 07 Vulcan V2K with 3,100 miles, never ridden in the rain and garage stored.
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