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WARNING about Revolution Superbikes

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I asked if they had a dark tint STANDARD screen for the 12r in stock. They replied they did. I asked what would 2 day shipping be - they replied after 2 days - $31. I replied to send it their standard way which is free. 2-3 days go by and I send an email asking when is it going to ship. No reply. I get the screen the next day - they shipped it 2 day and charged me $20. They also sent a double bubble when I specifically asked for the standard. I emailed them several times - get no response - called and left my number - no reply. I finally sent and email stating I was going to dispute the charge and let the news groups know how terrible their service is. Kevin replies very rudely that I can do what ever I want(dispute etc...). He then agreed that it would be ok to return it. I did - its been about 10 days since they got it - no credit - no reply to email. I'm disputing it and advise you think twice before doing business with them.....

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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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