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Hi fellow owners of what was for me the most awesome machine ever!

Just thought I would tell you about my issues with my ZX, which is an 03 with just 6500 miles on it. Yup, that's right, 6500! I bought it a year ago with just 2,200 on it and have loved upping that to it's current reading.

I started having problems a few months ago when it just plain refused to start, this happened overnight and my local bike shop suggested damp in the plugs. Well I had a check and then (after bruising my knuckles to death) handed it to them for a service, new plugs and a new rear shoe. Problem solved!:thumbup:

SO then a few weeks later it started kicking up a fuss. The whole thing suddenly blew a fuse and the dash died. I'm a teacher and it happened on the way to work, leaving me having to push my beloved machine past all the kids! :banghead:

One fuse change later and off we go.... belting.... but then, the damn thing starts getting an FI fault, seeing it cut out and restart as though I was running out of fuel. (this tended to happen at higher revs or when pushing it, so you can imagine how much fun that was in a bend!) :headscratch: Along with this I had a fuse go again! Then it wouldn't start with all fuses in place, it would just grind on the starter, but the pump wasn't priming :puzzled:

If you shook the bike back and forth between your legs, that tended to deal with it but most of the time it would take up to ten minutes. :eek:hthedrama:

FINALLY = On the fourth of April while riding in sh*t weather the FI light played up as if there were fueling issues, then the whole thing conked out. No blown fuses to be seen, but no priming pump and no starter motor! If I slammed the bars across full left or full right the starter switch would work again, but without fuel flowing... nothing! :deadhorse:

So now I have to wait for the AA - who ignore my request for recovery and send someone who will try to fix it!:rotflmao:

No surprise when he couldn't - but full marks for trying - and it got recovered to A KAWASAKI DEALER AND REGISTERED WORKSHOP.

Here's what happened then:

1) told the ECU was fooked
2) told the alarm was also fooked
3) ECU replaced with one from the showroom
4) alarm removed from bike
5) bike tested, all electrical measurements done
6) loom checked for faults, arcing to frame etc.... NOTHING
7) told bike likely to be ready next week... next day it blows up second ECU
8) both ECU's get sent to Belgium for repairs
9) Kawasaki UK are brought in, one of their blokes looks at it with no ideas
10) No one can work out what's going wrong and the ECU people in Belgium say both ECU's are beyond repair.

Riddle me this.....

What is going on!???!!!???!!!!???!!!!


But seriously... any ideas?

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Sounds like you've had some bad luck there.
I can't suggest anything right now but there are some real ZX12R gurus on the site. If you don't get much feedback try reposting on the ZX12R page rather than the general page, it may get seen more by the people you need. :thumbup:

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OK - Update time...

Four months later and the bike is back!!! HOORAY!!!!

Just a few problems....

1 The bike is still broken with an undiagnosed fault.
2. The wing mirror has a deep scrape in it that wasn't there before.
3. The 'cure' the company suggested was to buy another bike and replace all of my electrics with the one of another bike.....

So there you go....

I now have 2x Zx12's in my garage - both knackered (the other with a fried engine that was run without oil!) :thumbdown:

The second bike was sold to me as 'complete' but that is far from an accurate description....

Anyways... I am now in the position of having a black/gold ZX12 that I am breaking...

As to the fix...

Two ECU's blown up, both having lost fuel pump.... I put them both back on to start testing circuits and one blows the Ignition fuse with a reading of 10.2 amps. The other is fine there.....

I hope my voltmeter is fucked cos I keep getting weird readings.... the voltage at the fuel pump relay changes from 11.7 Volts down to 3.9!!! WTF :banghead:

I am at a loss, having stared at the wiring diagram until my eyes go funny :tard:

ANY IDEAS!!!??????
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