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Well I am in print again thanks to the Sunday letters page in Sunday Tasmanian.

"Once again the Greens display complete hypocrisy. We have Christine Milne whinging about what is happening to Green Peace in Russian currently. She is also saying Julie Bishop should do something about it. All the greens ever do is trash the government then when there is trouble they run straight to the government whinging and crying. What about the Greens responsibility and the fact that they encourage these sorts of protests. Why are they not standing up and taking some of the blame for this?

Wake up, the Greens encourage activists and these idiots put themselves in harms way and went to a gun fight armed with a knife, boo ho! The Russians could not care what the Australian Green's and what the rest of the world thinks. It is every ones responsibility to look after their own well being when oversea's not our government.

Maybe after these clowns spent a few years in a Russian Gulag they may not be in a hurry to rush off and save the world. Christine all you ever do is knock the government and now you say they should go into bat for your idiot mates!

Maybe we could persuade the Russian's to do a bit of guard duty on or logging camps and mine sites here in Tasmania. I know, I know only wishful thinking.

I also had to laugh today after I read in today's Mercury about how the poor activists are complaining about chilly cells, chain smoking prisoners and not being able to communicate with the guards. Well, suck it up and welcome to the Russian prison system".

Well now I am for it. I will have poor old Christine Watermelon and her mates writing in whinging and crying how heartless I am and how hard it is for these poor little Green Peace darling's. I think it is as funny as a bag of squirrel's. If you are stupid enough to go to a gun fight armed with a knife you are going to lose! I might add these clowns are now called the Arctic 30, I have changed their name to the 30 Gulag idiot's.:loco:

I will probably have the Green's at the bottom gate now with torches and pitch fork calling for my head!:thumbup::mfclap::clap:
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