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Well this sucks... Waterpump impeller driveshaft broken.

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Found this when I had the water pump disassembled for a rebuild.

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Water pump housing was leaking from the housing "snitch" hole. So needed new gaskets. Any way. Found a broken impeller drive shaft. Bought a used pump assembly through Ebay. Only need a new impeller drive shaft. The shafts are discontinued, so you need to find them used.. Any way, waiting for it to be delivered.

I also pulled the oil pan. Wanted to check the oil pump drive shaft. -Yes, the small c-clip was about half way out from the groove in the shaft. This was the reason I pulled the oil pan to check that the c-clip was still in place. I have put in an order for a new c-clip and gaskets. What I did notice was that in the parts tech drawing there are two washers behind the c-clip, but there was/is only one on the shaft. In the service manual, to my understanding, they only say washer, as in use one washer. So what is it, one or two washers? When I move the oil pump drive shaft, the shaft moves, to my opinion a bit to much, so that one could place two washers and still have free movement..

So question? - Put in two washers or just one as it was?

I did not find any trace of a broken washer in the oil pan, oil plug magnet or any where else in the engine.

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Cheers Jpowell490*

That's the parts diagram I looked at when I ordered gaskets for the pump, different parts store, but same diagram. If you look, you see that there are two washers #92200 on the inside of the c-clip #480 on the oil pump shaft. In the service manual, parts diagram again shows two washers, but in the service manual text it reads washer, as in one washer?? So which is it, one or two, this is messing with my mind so bad?

Here are the pages from the page in the service manual.. Exploded view shows two washers..

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But here in the text it only says washer, as in one washer....

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One washer against oil pump gear. Slide into case. Now one washer on shaft against the inside of case. Install circlip.

Cheers CMG..

Thank you for that pic.. Now I'm like - why did not I think of that "duh". I did look up in that spot too, but only for a second, it did not even cross my mind that the second washer is on the clutch side of the engine block.. Now I feel really dumb 🤪 ...and now for my excuse.. I have not pulled the clutch basket out yet so I could pull out the oil pump drive shaft, if I had, this would not even been an issue... Well, I was this many days old to learn where the two washers go 🤦‍♂️

Thank you again!!!

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