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12 now 20 psi planned.
The biggest prob I had was the clutch being very lazy off the line. That was because I took a lot of static out as I was a little apprehensive of the front as this is shorter than my 12 :) and ran it like that for all runs.
Also a few missed gear change issues as bottle was low.
It's possibly a 9.50 bike as is with the clutch setup. Extra boost once fuel tank is sorted might get this in the high eights with some practice. It's got the potential. Pulled very strong on boost.
Also did a 10.3 after but other 4 runs had fuel or missed gear probs.
Last run was against a ZX14r 2013 with arm and piped I was pulling strong to mid track IN FRONT then missed gear twice and all I could do was watch him catch me and fly by :)
So my little ZX has got some potential for sure. Very pleased
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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