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...tobacco fer smokin'?

Captain black vanilla? It smells like it.


Just a little humor to show that owning a busa isnt the ONLY way to get a laugh!

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...tobacco fer smokin'?

Captain black vanilla? It smells like it.


Just a little humor to show that owning a busa isnt the ONLY way to get a laugh!
Good Aromatic pipe tobacco...? Try these:

Cult Blood Red Moon.
MacBaren 7 Seas Royal.
GL Pease The Virginia Cream.
Two Friends English Chocolate.
Boswell's PA Dutch Treat.
Peterson Founders Choice.
4noggins Bald Headed Teacher.

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Seeing you'll smoking.
WTF is going on?

Years ago I lived in hills in an old chapel that was previously used as a church. I had a KR1S and I rode to work @140kmph cruise only slowing for the 30kmph corner sign which was 110kmph with inside boot in air, fairings scraping, ends about 2 inch above rock.
Then some smart arse drilled my forehead broken bone site like they thought I Lion or something but born Tiger 😂.
Sold that because I wasn't shitting myself but knocked a couple of vehicles pinging her through gaps that would have been wide enough if straight up yet blowing mates V8 away meant I had to get 'em in the corners. 👍
That was smoking. That was a 2 banger. Preferred rides were thunder storms because she had 90bHp hence to slide practice my oil overflow ran down infront of my rear.
Rear? Hardest compound Bridgestone Battleaxe available at time because I wanted mileage!!
That was thirstier than my zx12r. I couldn't ride to Victor and back then unless I timed refueling during daylight. My AFL mate wanted to punch me out because his girlfriend came for a spin and we slid both front and rear near southern coast beginning of range.
Then... Years later.. I can't ride for shit. Been shitting myself 5 days now trying to organise 350bhp for a straight wreck zx12r that was immaculate not long ago but...
Doing better than my best older bro Moz.
Moz's paralyzed half side.
Day before I flew to Ukraine to visit Chernobyl, I rode my $120 gumtree special suicide shift ninja shogun up the mountain.. Well sort off; walked most the way 👍 came down mt Osmond hot. Powerslid first hairpin with brake clamp released and rocked up at hospital high as a kite. Mozzy had a wheelchair in his room and although he'd been laying in bed 8 months solid hos nurse said he was allowed out.
Cut a long story longer, 5 metres out of hospital, front wheel bogged in grass and bro rolled out along concrete. His paralyzed leg was now bleeding. I lifted him (big fat bloke now because of lack of exercise) into wheelchair. He was laughing so I joined in.
I whispered, "hey, you're supposed to be paralyzed! "
He then realized his paralyzed foot was kicking at footrest to lower footrest!
I being a good friend had to complete job for him. 😉
Minute later I whispered, " you know you're supposed to be paralyzed 😂,"
His paralyzed leg was tap dancing about 10 minutes.
I mentioned he was bleeding, he just kept laughing and that was contagious.
After round 1 we decided to go round 2 but got sprung by a nurse and went to ward instead. They all told me off and basically asked in Kinder words, " WTF are you? "
"I'm his friend, I gotta go, see you'll in 6 weeks, "
No.. I had to wait for doctor. She was gorgeous! Besides me being impressed by talent, she seemed to be impressed by event. Yeah, he'd rolled like a perfect ninja and didn't touch his head on anything; ground, wheelchair, .. My mistake; air.

Visited Ukraine, rode a 14.3kg flat bar hybrid 100kms, seen friends, got drunk , had sleep, rode 100km, got drunk, had sleep.. Not every day; I failed.. Chernobyl was sun shine with thunder and lightning during our tour time!!!

Came home.. Burn out my house, zx12r looted, 2 weeks later Australia lit up, then covid19, then Chernobyl 1000s of hectares became burnt land (similar to Aus), then zx12r recovered then I lost plot. Bought another zx12r, ran like a clogged cat, couldn't see oil so I thought I'd fix tank leak. Tank rusty as.. Spare tank was B model. Wreck tank was holding super clean fuel so I used that on new bike. Purring like a kitten now.

Now I'm shitting myself.

Exhaust? Pipe? That bird had a high compression build. I only flattened her once because I liked the look of our super flat fresh road next to Holdens and moreso the data recording speed strips. Only time I've heard her scrape. Tripled our speed limit along that 100 metre straight and backed throttle down around the back straight to prevent playing at gentlemens force of wind. Fark they go, 5 minutes later the fronts tap dancing out of a bend where last look at speedo prior nailing her was up.
A 20minute police 'copter launch time response was reconnaissance gain. By then growling purr was locked away in a shipping container and an old tramp like looking bloke was walking home.

Yet elephants remember 😊
Here's my rear.
Happy cruising along upright.

Riding bicycle to work to save petrol money into bike build budget.
Aiming at 350bHp plus probably a stocky that's now purring like a kitten with hope that now she's clean she'll growl when on prowl.
Hence heaps happy. Figures continually building towards what I think a new small car would cost to build me a small beast.
Busas suit some really nicely. One of the local turbos lifted steer at 290 and waved at the gentlemen when nailed yet hadn't bothered to press go button of free medicine juice. I doubt I'd ever catch that. I was hoping to build towards economical efficiency of fuel burn and highway wind. Plus. Ponies are nice although... As if you nail yours everywhere! Even stockies are blooming quick!
BTW. she wasn't insured. Please don't steal neither nor any other.
I ride my bicycle to afford this!

I gotta date with Redline Exhausts in 6 months.. But realization that it'd make more sense to have extractors fabricated is arguing within..
I really like idea of stripping her, setting up for turbo, camming to suit and riding like a soft cock.
Check it out.. I got me elephants and I can't ride very well normally unless... Looking forward to learning on a stocky on track days 👍

God bless you.

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And having bullshitted my own arse thinking I'd get 350 ponies cheap..
I was just dreaming of screaming.

Looks like I'll visit Redline sooner and keep her as is with a shiney new exhaust, her current na standard bore engine and transmission, aftermarket fairings and headlight (I sort of grinded the plastic lens trying to remove graffiti) and no heat intake problems plus an easier to clean machine and a grin that might win.

Fuck I'm full of shit too aye..
My mum worked for a mister Jones,
I bought my house from a missus Jones and if I lay low I might keep up with the Jones's. 😂
Plus it works out reliable and ten grand cheaper. Reliable what I like, can ride her when she's wet.
Small car budget can go towards cam later when she starts smoking. Or more compression. Or both.

BTW. Anyone wanting to sell me a set of 2005 lower fork legs, I'm all ears.. Or just trying to figure out how to get me some better brakes without altering geometry. Forks. Aye.. They're pipes too.. Ohlins now looking hopeful here. 😂

:rolleyes: so much per godspeed :rolleyes:

pipe exhaust cheaper.. Extractors in lue of turbo plumbing, engine build cheaper, zilch in lue of thousands, need a upper clamp triple anyway, lower clamp I can do if daddy holds my hand.. Same geometry as per her current agility.. Yeah.. I'd like them pipes pumping in and out, in and out,
Thanks bro.. That should still clock her although I might have to wait until after she's been smoking.
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