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Pipes bro..
I like local made.

Fork pipes. Doh. I can't afford Ohlins but awesome if you have them..

Fuel pipes.. She smells. She's leaking somewhere.. Better not smoke.

Exhaust... I'm going with a local manufacturer of motorcycle exhausts with her set. Easier, tuned to individual bike, no postage.

Above story a true story bro.. Even have a elephant under a smiley face on my bike. I've ridden her 26km.. That's it, that's all. She was scary, throttle response etc. Should be nice now, cleaned fuel.. Throttle response should be obedient now.
Best upgrade ever was just cleaning her.

My dad built me a butt plug. Tank clean, siphoned fuel from that tank was super clean. But she smells. I guess she is leaking through overflow filler line.
Hence here's a picture of my butt plug 馃槉 and pipe that might remove her smell.
Rest looks great now 馃憤
Can't really see plug.. Tapered and all that, won't slide out without clamp. Overkill is clamp. Nice 6mm pipe though IMHO.

you're welcome.


24 Posts

Different humour all bloke.

Pipes idk what's best neither.
I'm going with locally made later. Makes sense.
Freighters aren't torquing magnetic drives yet on Earth and their horsepower loads more than a worked ZX12R. Imagine that. Fuel cell capable of extended voyage nearing capacity of hull service life. Yet unknown magnetic effects of host system; planet.
Hence, local made has so many pros. Cheaper dollar costs, doesn't need extended voyage to obtain part, tuned to individuals bike, quality material, lighter than OEM, durable.

I'm all there.. Just wanted change. Eg pipes on front end to dampen road and hug radail calipers. But more I have to clean and do work on her, less I want to spend which is patience here on small weekly budget build anyway. Remembered my OEM front end wasn't touched for 6 years. Brakes decent enough, didn't service them for 6 years. Thinking of going lazy with front pipes now, tear down, repack, eBay a triple clamp from ABM or whatever that German mob is due to gone dumb.. Although a machine shop could form part easily enough. Will ask first.
Now.. The best bit. Instead of 2 pipes to hold onto, I'll clamp 1 pipe instead bro.
As always, going priorities here sequence quality, cheap, time. No rush. Stock bike purring like a kitten.
Cleaning sucks though..
Admiring some of your bikes.. Mine are never that clean on outside, even post immediate of polishing.

Back to pipes.. Brake pipes; brake lines. Might splurge on braided because the old girl would love her want to swell compressed.
Take care.
Cold here bro. Happy riding
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