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What was your first car post.... Pics...

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We all have the love of the 12R in common... I just thought it may be interesting to see other peoples first car pics...... This was mine... 1969 mustang fastback had a 428/automatic in it.... Ran real good...

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My first ride was a 71' Vega Wagon. Had so much rust you could actually see the front tires when you opened the hood.

The Vega wasn't so much a car, as a joke played on the buying public by G.M., the only car I would actually categorize as a step down from a Pinto. An AMC Hornet was considered classy by comparison.

It was a good car to take to the drive-in though, because the backseat folded down and I had the side and back windows blacked out (that was a teenagers window tint in 1977).

Ahhhh youth.

"Here, hold my trophy while I kiss your girlfriend."</p>
At least the Pinto could be ordered with plastic woodgrain decals to hold the rusted body together.

The battery actually fell out of my Vega.

I mean fell out. It was so rusted, the battery fell out. And it was the best 1 year battery Kmart offered.

"Here, hold my trophy while I kiss your girlfriend."</p>
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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