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what's better?? zx12r 2001 or new model 2002

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i know 2000 are faster in tops...but is it true that accesleration on 2002 is harder and handling is better?

apart of that why 2002 is better than the 2001 or 2000

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the 12r is the BEST!!! No matter what year it is!!!

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Wut NameChanger said. I don't know what the answer is. But, I'm a smaller size guy (6' 4" @ 245 lbs.) <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/laugh.gif ALT=":lol"> <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/laugh.gif ALT=":lol"> The '00s and '01s seem to be more comfortable to me. You might can save some coins by procuring a leftover '01. Whichever you choose, prepare to have a permanent grin impregnated on your face!

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I have an 02, and have never ridden an 00 or 01. However, every review on the 12 rates it as a better bike in terms of handling, braking and performance. Particularly the midrange performance from the crank mod, and the throttle changes.

Read the reviews and decide, remembering that not all reviews are bias free.

I haven't ridden the '02.

With that said, and what I absorb on the site, I'll make the following observations:

1) The first gen' has a really light flywheel. Some guys like it, some don't. I do. It allows me to rev quickly out of the apex, and slows down quick off-throttle.

Getting away from a stoplight w/o bogging it takes a couple of hours to get used to.

2) The general consensus is that the '02 is more refined in the handling dept. Slightly, but there. I am talking about the opinions of guys who have rode both. Let the "newer bike" syndrome factor in, as applicable. Most of the guys I've heard give the opinion loved their first gen' 12's, so I suspect they are giving pretty objective opinions.

3) What do you like? Look at both, and better yet ride both. Either way, you are not going to be upset with your decision.

- Blitz

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I like my 220 mph speedo. Would the cluster fit on an 02?

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Can't answer that question Outsider. I am so happy with my "old" '00 Red, that I haven't done much reasearch on the '02.

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AH.... The 220 speedo a work of art.... I got mine....

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Brief Summary:

00,01.....Major badass feel to it, you know you are riding a beast and it's a blast. Also not the easiest bike to hop on and ride well right away.

02.......Much more "refined" ride, "smoother", more linear pull. Worse, more uncomfortable ergos. Seems "easier" to ride. Doesn't "feel" as fast.

Bottom line, I've ridden them both and I would be happy as hell to own any of them! I wish I owned one of each. They do feel different, but accomplish the same thing, all boils down to the rider.

As previously mentioned, if you can ride both do so before deciding.

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The 01 is the best... They came in SILVER!!!!

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After owning both I can honestly say I liked the refined version of the 02. Love the raw edge the 00 and 01 had though.
Either way it's the best bike Kawasaki ever built in my eyes.

02 are de-tuned versions of Kawasaki's original vision.
The heavier flywheel is just one of the changes to make the bike less radical. Tuners do not install heavier fly wheels to increase top end performance.

On a personal note the 02 is not as radical looking either, the 02's triangle third light is bizarre and the bike from the front now looks like a 9 or a ZX6 with the more integrated snorkel.

00 and 01 don't look like anything else on the road and they're faster.

My opinion.

Evel K

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the 02 looks best!

power wise who cares I will never do 180mph

Eddie, 02 ZX12 (RED) 2bros pipe...96 Z-28


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Ynot, I completely and totally agree with you regarding the 01 fastest Silvers. (but I'm not biased)

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I like the Brutal 00 GREEN ones.....

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I would have to agree with you there Rich ,very brutal,
very green, very 00 - definitely the way to go!!

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Green 00.


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00-01 all the way.
02's are $10,999 retail.
00-01's are $8500-$9500.
If you search and can b.s the sales rep a bit.everyone agrees both are good bikes.
The 00-01's have good and bad qualities, same as the 02.so:
Why pay more?

I had both. 01/02 We all had complaint's about on/off throotle, Front supension valved incorrectly, Clutch was a big one and still is with the guy's that have'nt done the clutch mod's. Cosmetic's everybody hated the front fender and mirror's. Be honest 00/01 guy's.

The 01 had a raw sense of power. When it hit 7000 rpm it kicked in. The 02 pull's hard all the way though, So you don't have that percived power burst at 7000 rpm. The 01 was fun and I loved the bike.

The 02 with the change's in rake does have a lighter front end which took me some time to get used to. But it does handle better and is smoother.

Overall Kawi seemed like they were reading our post's and fixed the thing's we did'nt like and refined the bike into a finnished package.

I loved the 01 and I love the 02. If I was to make a complaint, About the 02, I wish it came in Silverl

Both bike's are fast. And there's no way a rider with my skill level would ever get the full potental out of either of them.

If this is Kawi asking question? Can you make a Silver one in 2004? oh yeah, Send bike from factory with Perilli Super Corsia's Dragon's 190 rear. and raise the clip-on's up and back about 1 1/2 inch's<img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/happy.gif ALT=":D"> about where the 01 ergo's where, And one get outta jail free card please.

The 00, 01 and 02 are wicked bad to the bone bike's which require's you to pay attention. Fastest production motorcycle made period. <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/intl/aenglish/images/emoticons/happy.gif ALT=":D">

If Jessie Jame's had a ZX12R I'd ride with him.

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