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ZX-12R.org Shirt and Cap Suggestions and Interest

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Assuming I can break even on the sticker deal. Getting close, a another 4-5 orders should get me about even.

Would people be interested in Baseball Caps with the ZX-12R.org logo on them? If so how much would people be willing to pay?

Would people be interested in Shirts with the ZX-12R.org logo on the chest and something on the back? I was thinking of talking to Muzzy and getting permission to put the copy of the 199.12 mph certificate on the back. Any other suggestions would be welcomed,

And how much money are people willing to pay? How much did people pay for the LABUSA shirts? And what kind are they? long/short sleeves, crew neck, V-neck, golf shirt??

What would people want? What colors. I like black because they don't show the dirt, but that may not be other people favourite if they live in the south.

These are just idea's I don't know where to get anything made yet, but I wanted to see if people were interested first.

I will get some feedback and then start a poll.

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Regular t-shirts are cheaper to produce and to buy!!! Also,i'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy!!!

I think that the ZX12.org name would look great as small print over left side as you wear it...In very large print to fill up the back of the t-shirt!!!

Black t-shirt with Red and Purple lettering for Red 12 owners...

Black t-shirt with Green and Purple lettering for Green 12 owners...

White t-shirt with same combination listed above...

The Red and Green combinations because those are the origional colors!!!

Just some suggestions...


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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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