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When ZX-12R.org started I didn't see the need for a Talk Forum with some of the other Forums that were available, however over time I realized that there was a need for another Forum that was run a little different. After getting a slow start and only being up for a few months we have just reached 500 members, and we are growing fast.

However not only do we just have lots of members we have excellent quality members that have great technical experience and better yet great personalities. Everyone is welcome here whatever your background and that is starting to show, I hope. (hitting 500 members today was a cool Birthday Present)

Thanks everyone, hopefully I will get a chance to meet some of you over the years.

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I think you've done a hell of a job with this site Easy, and I agree that it's the people that make the difference.

There are alot of guys/gal with extensive motorcycle knowledge on this board and we all win when we pool that knowledge.

I also really enjoy the fact that there are people from all around the world that are members here, it's so interesting to hear the slightly different takes on things from someone in a different country than I am.

Hey, remember, Hewlett-Packard was started in a garage!!!

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday!

Peace - Blitz.

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