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I started ZX-12r.org on Nov 1/2000 about 3 months before my Green ZX-12R arrived. After combing the world for the previous 1.5 years for ZX-12R information I decided to put it together on a website for easy access. A little later Jeroen decided to pass on the www.zx-12r.org domain name to me to carry the ZX-12r torch. I expanded the site with more information over the months and eventually added this Talk forum. Now the total combined website impressions (total accesses) are close to 1 million per month. However I only track 15-20 main pages to monitor traffic.

Thanks for the support and I hope the information on the site has been helpful to you.

I am continually trying to gather more products to raffle off to members in trade for offering advertising on the site. However there is always a juggle between bringing in enough money to keep the site alive and providing give aways, but so far it has worked out well.

Have a Great Upcoming Christmas and a Great 2002 New year.

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