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I'm working on a friend's bike which doesn't seem to get enough fuel above 5-6 RPM reaching 45 mph or 75 km/u at best in first gear, it only gets worse in higher gears. Riding feels like you're running on a few drops of fuel at best. I can ramp up the RPM just fine in idle.

At first they didn't rebuild the carbs properly so I've taken them apart, cleaned them thoroughly and put in new main pilots and float needles. (They came with a kit since some rubbers had to be replaced.) I had hoped fixing that would solve it but sadly not since I have to admit I'm not that experienced as I'd hoped with solving fuel/running related issues.

The sparks and fuel filter in front of the pump are new. I'm wondering if I overlooked something, so some pointers I'd gladly read!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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