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When I still had my 12, I put ZX14 mirrors, they are a similar shape, but have longer arms (the 14 has a narrower faring). I have broad shoulders, this made viewing behind me WAY better. The mirror had the same base.

Plus, 14 accessories are cheaper, and a much bigger aftermarket.

It did make it more difficult to cut through stopped traffic since the mirrors were much wider. If I needed to, I would pull in the throttle size for more room.

But to answer your question, they all fit, but the mirror housing shape was different between early models and later models. I had a '05, so the 14 shape was the same. The mount was the same for all years.

OEM part numbers:

A1 Style: Part Number 56001-1522 R or 56001-1521 L (more square)

B2 Style: Part Number 56001-0287 R or 56001-0286 L (more of an ovalish sound)
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