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ZX12-R Supercharger

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Haha, so sorry for getting your hopes up, but on reading a post about a supercharger for the ZX-10, i emailed the company, and here is my reply:

Hi Dustin,

While it is certainly possible to develop a kit for your ZX12R, I have no current plans to produce one for it at this time. A custom, one-off system is always a possibility, but is pricier than if a production kit is planned for later on, as the final cost then comes down to time and materials. On a one-off system you would have close to $3500-$4000 in materials alone, including the supercharger (single run prototype parts are not cheap), then you'd have to add engineering & fabrication time on top of that.

Now, if enough ZX12 owners are interested in a kit to warrant production, then it becomes a different story; however, you are one of the first 12R riders to contact me regarding a supercharger kit, so I don't see a production kit coming anytime soon, unfortunately.

If you know of other ZX12R owners that would seriously consider purchasing a kit (with a final price realistically in the $4300-$4600 range), have them shoot an email my way. I'm always looking for the next bike to develop a system around, but without direct feedback, it's hard to tell where true interest lies.

Thanks for your interest,
Dan Antonelli

A&A Performance LLC
A&A Performance - Supercharged Sportbike Specialists

So, i would LOVE to go and get a one off kit from this guy, but i would love even more to get it at a reasonable price. any questions? ive asked him to give me some general info about a possible kit, ill repost any answers (if anyone else emails him questions, please post back here)
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so these guys reply REALLY fast....

Hi Dustin,

What makes you say the 12R is a bad boost candidate? Generally I've found that I can safely pull 8-9 peak psi on engines with CRs over 12:1, so assuming a stock 12R makes 150whp, then you could be seeing 220-230whp pretty easily. It's really a percentage gain in power, so if your bike makes more than 150whp, the boosted numbers would be higher accordingly. The only limitation on power is the C15-60 Rotrex, which maxes out at 240-250whp; if more power than that is desired, the larger C30 series blower would have to be used, and I've yet to find a bike where I can hide a C30 behind the stock bodywork.

I will say that even if demand is quite high from the 12R crowd, the 14 will be getting a kit first -- I've had a tremendous amount of input from 14 owners over the past 2 years, so they have priority. However, if I can legitimately get 5-10 people lined up, then a production run can make financial sense.

zx12 oil capacity

whats the oil capacity (in liters) for a 2000 model zx12 and where exactly on the sight glass on the side of the engine must the oil level be ? upon draining / replacing the oil on the bike that i bought last week i discovered that there was 5.2litres of oil in the engine, and that looks like way too much ??

frikkie, rustenburg, northwest province (south africa)
The problem with forced induction is sealing the frame. This is a very laborious and expensive process. Alternatively you could make some kind of plenum with constituent parts that are small enough to pass through the check cover opening that can be assembled once inside.
Aside from everything else, a Supercharger is really not a great option.

If you want to make hp, get a turbo.
well, i like the supercharger type of power curve, its much more predictable, and smooth, instead of surging sky high when the turbo spools up. look at the difference on a dyno, plus its much more reliable. Turbos are nice, yes, but i like superchargers, i know that they will never make the same amount of power as a turbo will, but everyone has their own preferences right?
Supercharger has different stages also like Turbo so its pretty much about the same......Mr. Turbo units will put out 400hp just like A&A Performance C30 series which also push out 400hp :scared: That is more than enough for any person with horsepower going through their blood flow :loco:

I also like Supercharger over Turbo because of the heat....Turbo produce lots of heat and if you live in hot climate Turbo is not the way to go :angry:
Hi Dustin,

I knew the 12's frame was similar to the 14's, but apparently they're not close enough. On the 14, sealing up the frame/airbox is easily accomplished without welding, but after looking at pics & the fiche of the 12, it definitely looks more difficult. Without actually seeing one in person, I don't want to say it's impossible, but it sure won't be easy; welding might still be necessary, and that goes against my entire kit mantra of no fabrication necessary. I also can't see any way of installing a plenum inside the frame, so sealing up the existing box is the only option.

At this point, I think I would need to see some serious interest in a kit before tackling this project. In my mind I'm already figuring out ways around the frame issue, but it just doesn't make sense financially to do a production run if < 10 people are interested.
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Where do you guys think the heat of a turbo comes from???? :lol:
Where do you guys think the heat of a turbo comes from???? :lol:
Global warming
Compression of a gas naturally increases its temperature, often referred to as the heat of compression
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