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I have a 12R with a fueling problem that causes a flatspot when backing into 1st or 2nd gear corners at high revs.
After the overrun when getting onto even throttle the bike dies for a second and falls into the corner.
At low revs this does not happen only when racing.

I feel that the fuel is being shut off during heavy decel and takes a moment to restore.

Any advice please

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when you chop the throttle.........all the air stops moving

unfortunately the sensors in the Efi system
start registering....little to no air
the Efi responds.........dont need a lot of fuel
really isnt a product of angle or speed
really a matter of bit processing

you were wide open
close throttle for actualy a long time
bam...... open throttle
two very abrupt extreme changes

this is less aproblem drag racing as the throttle is practically
wfo all the time...... as a result the sensors need only compensate for
ram air & load on the engine.... changes as you progress thru the gears

has been compensated for by increasing idle speed
can also be compensated for by drilling out your throttle plates....... thats a trial & error experimentation

pics are on the site of a busa that had same problem
it was fitted with FCR carbs..... this is an inherent
with Efi...... not easily solved
one that took at least 2 yrs to smooth out on the rc51
somehow doesnt seem to be so on the ducati

some of the new motogp engines that turn upwards of 18k
rpm has the extended idles.... slipper clutches
so that the inertia of the air never actually comes to a full
stop....... just slows down

in addition the new kaw for motogp has the FCR
type EFI to help with that on & off cornering situation

hope this helped
good luck

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